It has been a while since you upgraded your desktop wallpaper (20 HQ Photos)

  • Leigh

    #16 may just have to be my FB cover for a bit!

  • johnq

    #19, if only Luke was that bad ass and not a whiney little shit. LOL

  • Derk3103

    #12 must add as neighbor

  • Rich

    #19 Shouldn't Luke have a green light saber?

    • dirtysteve

      eventually, yes.

  • dirtysteve

    #17 looks like a robot's leaking asshole.

    • Futurama-ama Mama

      Things you didn't want to know about Bender after all…

  • Jude

    #19 Seems kinda pointless? Were they simply trying to match colors? Luke is the only one shown in his padawan state, still. The rest are shown as masters. Furthermore, they are all shown with THEIR lightsabers. He is shown with his father's.

  • Brent

    #7 #8 #12

  • LeO

    Gotts to have Moar of this cat!

    • Uncle Dirty

      It's on all the other threads, too…forever

  • Phil

    After all this time believing that the Chive was maybe something different, that maybe someone held higher ideals, I am resigned to agree that the site is nothing more than a T-shirt vendor. It's a well-played online WalMart that knows when to tug at your heart strings, when in fact they are merely slipping one hand into your wallet while squeezing your balls with the other.

    • Uncle Ivan

      So, now you know the facts of life, Phil. Welcome to the grown-up world, where despite life being what it is, we just DGAF and KCCO.

  • paulhitchcock

    #7 Fail. There are no airplanes in Battleship.


    wow how ungrateful you chivers are your lucky chive even posts wallpaper stop being such bitchs and pic one or find your own really your comment were lammer than the wallpappers lol

    • Uncle Dirty

      How's that 'Hooked On Phonics' thing working out for you, Kevin?

  • heyisTi

    Request #1 without the stupid text!!

  • Real Deal

    Considering what day it is… #7 really? You either have no idea what today is, or you don't care. Bad form, Chive.

  • gandharvas

    I normally don't comment much, but #7 is really in poor taste today.

  • ObiWan

    Star Wars… the 'good parts' version.

  • Jawbone

    #7 Fucking assholes. But whatever, KCCO, buy t-shirts, right?

    • Uncle Dirty

      I'm surprised the site admin let your post stand. They took mine and it was mild in comparison…I agree with you…

  • Canucks_Rule

    #9 – my new work desktop for the foreseeable future.

  • Uncle Dirty


  • Uncle Dirty

    So where did my comment go? The site admins took it for approval, said that it had been posted and didn't return it. It wasn't disparaging towards them, actually pretty cool, compared to a few of the statements directed at them about Pearl Harbor Day…I don't get it but on the other hand, don't really care. Just sayin'…

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