• Pete

    His mother must be so proud…

  • JAL

    Tony Hawk grow a mullet or what?!?

  • Pike

    As funny as this video may seem, it does bring out a host of armchair Ninjas who expose their ignorance in their comments. The guy in the video is Paul Vunak. He has (along with many others) revolutionized the way military and police train for unarmed combat.

  • sexyy887

    If you think Lawrence`s story is amazing…, a month-ago my uncle basically got a cheque for $7425 working eighteen hours a week from there house and the're best friend's step-sister`s neighbour done this for five months and earnt more than $7425 part time from their labtop. use the advice available on this page…

  • Eder

    His shirt…. screams 'MERICA

  • Dumbphone

    This guy is amusing, but he is no Master Wong:

  • chris043

    He's a 3rd degree blackbelt in Rex Kwon Do.


    Paul Vunak will bitch slap your fucking hiney!

  • PowPow

    Boom! It's always there.

  • Tim Hamilton


  • John Krince

    Just some old footage of Paul Vunak. Believe it or not, this guy knows what he's talking about. I think he was on the cover of Black Belt magazine at one point…. "Paul Vunak has trained Under Guro Dan Inosanto as one of his top instructors for over 30 years. Guro Inosanto was Bruce Lee's Protégé, training partner and best friend. Also Mr. Vunak was one of the first people to train Gracie Jiu Jitsu in America, and a proud student of Rorion, Royce, Royler, and Rickson Gracie."

  • David Gorski

    This man is absolutely right. i head butted my roommate in college. (we didnt get along too good.) we were squared off, i grabbed his shirt near the neck and and pulled him toward me and smashed my forehead against his eye. in a separate incident, with a different dude, i did the same thing, only my forehead smashed right in the nose. bllod came out. apparently i broke it cause two months later him a five dudes came to my apt on xmas eve and kicked my ass. the one dude saying, "thats him! thats the mother fucker that broke my nose!"

  • Canucks_Rule

    i like how the word "applicable" gave him so much trouble. too many headbutts. lol.

  • duckfart4U

    It's obvious from the video that those were untrained, and probably unsuspecting melons. I'd like to see this tough guy go head to head with some trained melons and see how he fares. Just the other day I accidently pissed off a group of melons at the grocery store and I'm still sore from the beat down I had to endure.

  • Edward Scott

    Does anyone notice he is in a trailerpark??

  • Demetrius Lee

    i think people misunderstanding the purpose of the tech being shown…its not for "fighting" its more of a self defense tool….its literally UNEXPECTED in any self defense scenario and noone will ever see it coming.

  • @kolby182

    I can't help but picture Mac from It's Always Sunny when watching this.

  • Paddy O

    Achievement Unlocked: Destroy Melons with Three Diiferent Attacks

  • Bamer36


  • blanket

    this guy is absolutely right, just to test it out I headbutted a guy in a wheelchair and and 80 year old man and I knock both of them out! I think I might try this on women and children…

  • inyoface

    that guy hates fruit.

  • joe

    Suddenly I dont feel so kcco?

  • SUPer4Life

    What happens is my opponent ISN'T a melon??? What do I do then??

  • Parkatola

    We've already done melons. What if he attacks you with a pointed stick?

  • wookie

    This guy is Paul Vunak. He has many self defense books and videos.

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