Hot Right Now: Emily Lewis is the apex of the vortex of babe engineering (20 Photos)

The most Googled women on the web in 2012 (50 pics)

This year’s most popular women on the web according to Google.

List via Coedmagazine

Content via Coedmagazine

  • mikeraw

    I don't believe these numbers for a minute.

  • Dommmm

    Why your no say Mila Kunis????????

  • Jeff

    #33 That's just sad.

  • Kitty

    #14 photoshop. She will never look Like that again

  • Luke

    yeah def getting old. i have no idea who the f#ck these women are… #30, #1

    • Luke

      stupid #'s… i meant #30 and #50

  • @LosSaysSwag

    I'm actually shocked by some of these.

  • Chiefs420

    #20 – I think I'm gonna be sick…

    • Devil Doc

      I respect her more than most crappy pop stars. Because most crappy pop stars date Ed Hardy wearing douchenuggers, whereas she seems like she'd rather go for a bearded dude she met in the desert at burning man, and I think pop culture needs more of that.

  • imeanamirite

    Is it a good or bad thing that I LITERALLY do not have any idea who #1 most googled woman on Earth is? I have never heard of her, and even after googling her I still do not recognize her. Am I really here? What is going on? Where am I? Is this real?

    • guest

      She's number 50.

  • guest

    Didn't know who Lana del Rey was.

  • guest

    … so I had to Google her.

  • Crazy_Jake

    Doesnt it make sense that the more someone gets googled the more people are trying to find out who they are. SO if they are NOT on the list , everyone knows who they are are and just a few people want to know something more of them or nude pictures.

  • notafan

    where the fuck is mila kunis?!?

  • Brian Andrew Scott Schlatman

    The number one should have read: YOUR MOM!

  • sexyy887

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  • Anon

    Who picked these shitty thumbnails? Also, shouldn't Beiber be in there somewhere?

  • Devil Doc

    Yea, I didn't know who a lot of these girls were, so I googled them, with the obligatory "nude" after their name.

  • Sam

    How is Kate Upton not on here?

  • bizarrogreg

    #15 Not enough of you are googling Emma Watson…

  • Matticus

    #43 #10 #39 …Oh god yes.. oh god yes.. and oh god yes… =)

  • opeysdaddy


  • twizzler

    the irony is I had to google lana del ray to figure out who she is

  • crazydog

    #48 proves gay men use search engines.

    #50 proves deaf people use search engines

  • Kevin

    Wheres Justin Beiber?

  • MoreenDanning

    WTF?!?! Honey Boo Boo isn't a woman!!! Honey Boo Boo is a thing!!!!

  • 69ingchipmunks

    what no bieber?

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