There are Sexy Chivers Among Us (101 Photos)

  • Ronski

    Thanks Chivettes!! You never let us down!! #67 #84 my faves!! KCCO



  • G_Buddha

    #84 hypnotizing eyes !!!! MOAR PLEASE 😉

  • WhiskeyChiver

    #72 #84 Beautiful girls, just need a little MOAR!

  • Brandon

    My Christmas wishlist:
    #3 #33 #61 #75

  • Sawitcoming

    #101 Happy Ending

  • Gerardo

    #4 Amazingly cute and inferno hot!

  • Abdicator

    #71 Gorgeous and great guts.

  • Ralphy

    #51 Must propose immediately

  • michael scarberry

    #44…….. slow clap

  • jesse

    #80 beautiful. and from sask too!

  • ChivetoSurvive


    Is some potential PedoBear stuff right there. Yikes, no need for that Chive…it's not even a good pic. Don't go getting arrested and ruining it for us ALL

  • Donkey Punch

    #4 you are smoking. But those nails…. Stick with what you've got going on in #14 and you'll have class as well.

    • Yabba

      Is smoking hot and classy in both. #4 #14

  • chiverfromid

    To all the amazingly beautiful chivettes in here, just wow…you are what makes the world go round, you are all sooooooo beautiful!!! Thank you for all the pics and amazing beauty that you bring….KCCO and have a great weekend all … and Thank you chive, for being the best site in the WORLD

  • toomuchtimeonthehand

    #96 More of her, please. It is fucking cold here in North Germany, we need more of these warming eyes!

    • Donkey Punch

      You lucky bastard. I'm stuck here in the armpit of America. Next time I'm in Europe I'm looking you European chivers up!

  • Peteskivt

    #44 She is a princess in my eyes. MOAR Please!!!!!

  • Kodiak

    #61 has been number #61 once before with a different view. I say we need MOAR!!!!!!!

  • Kenny

    #72 if you change your mind, my birthday's in January… One pretty lady.


    #3 We should get drunk… than get married cuz beautiful and I can look at your face/smile 4ever 😐

  • Eric

    #78 what an idiot

  • Guest

    #72 reminds me of Jodie Foster.

  • Myke

    Wonder if i'll ever see a Portuguese Chivete?? Hope so

  • Tim Hamilton

    #101 I really like how you did yhe place up.

  • cap mel

    #79 ftw for looking that hot in a Jayne hat

  • Gringo

    #55 is named Brittany

    • Madison

      My names Madison lol. 🙂

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