hillary duff

  • chris

    Nothing new, meth heads act like this all the time.

  • TheJoeGreene

    And once again Mac gives us fucking worthless bullshit. Time to move on Chive, this douche brings nothing of value to the team.

    • 87eddiemac

      Mac, your dad has been drinking again

    • james

      It's called entertainment dude stop being such a Debbie downer.

    • Posman Joe

      Mac is a god among men!! And this vid is insane!!

      • Paula_

        YES!!1! And NO!!1!

        – the one you love to hate

      • MylesofStyles

        Easy there Joe. Let's not get carried away now. Take a deep breath and go back to downloading cat porn.

      • copperfieldheaint

        This vid is insane? Dude…you just weaksauced your approval of Mac. The vid was meh, and you can see the slight of hand every bloody time.

      • GeorgiaRosa

        yeah sure whatever!!, we all know the only God on this website is point in denying the undeniable..;)

    • jon

      I think your worthless. Or maybe just jealous Mac has q way cooler job then you.

      • bill

        *you're *a *than

    • jeremy

      ya just shut up, if you don't like it, watch something else

    • qweonas;lk

      why don't you just go suck all the dicks

  • xjrich

    u said it…. fucking mind blowing

  • Jim Kelly

    iI see what you did there

  • rooster

    Very impressive ball work

    • FarknChiveon

      You play with that many balls for that long and you are bound to end up taking a load in the face.

      • rooster

        I guess red balls are better than blue balls

  • Needstobesaid

    Hey TheJoeGreene… Your a douchebag

    • Guest


  • John Frm Ft Wrth TX

    Word on the street is, once you visit theChive office, you leave with these powers…

    • ColaChiver

      All I got was crabs…Thanks Mac…

  • Cosmo Kramer

    Mind officially blown

  • ChicO85T

    very impressive

  • Truth

    Amazing what you can accomplish with a lifetime of virginity.

    • tru-dat


  • crusher44x

    I'd be more turned on if it were a chick juggling these balls, but I guess this'll do…

    • You Know It's True


      • crusher44x


  • billy

    That was fun to watch, only I wish it hadn't been filmed with a potato.

    • Swen

      You say potato, I say tomato.

  • SVSumm

    That was fucking sweet..

  • shiiit


    • IMVHO

      He Bear Gryll'ed it – if you watch closely, you can see him pee in it. I can tell by the pixels, obviously.

    • LastAirBrainedBender

      It's a special magician's cup with a hidden compartment that can hold water and then release it when you activate the release button. Now that I've told an Ancient Magician's Secret, the Secret Magician's Guild will send the Assassins to kill me. Good-bye, cruel world…

      • Tee Jay

        Way to go Gob.

        • Detained Development

          I see what you did there…

  • boatin

    incredibly impressive. cups and balls done by a juggler who is inventive. Pearls before swine.

  • @fdloko

    Where did that ice cream come from?

    • I Scream Vendor

      I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Or something like that…

  • Dwight

    Big deal, you can masturbate quietly and twice as fast as anyone else.

  • Dapper_Dave

    Slight of hand my ass! That man is MAGIC!

  • irish

    Not bad. But he makes his loads way too obvious. Practically everything's under the table, on his lap. Whenever his hands go under the table, he's loading another ball or putting the water in the cup. This one on the other hand, is way more subtle

    • Cris

      I agree with you, he was quick, but i saw every move

    • Nishtai

      Do you think Slydini is more subtle than this guy? I could see every sleight of hand he did throughout the video. Not to mention he lowers his hands down the table in a very non-subtle way almost every time

      • irish

        Yet he doesn't deliver immediately after the load, which is where this guy goes wrong. The flourishes he makes in between the two means he has to manipulate more subtlely and more aptly than this guy. It's not necessarily his fault though. Slydini's manipulating much smaller objects, but Slydini is pretty famous among magicians for his slight of hand, made more impressive because he invented his style. Try and figure out this slight of hard card trick of his:

    • Mark

      After watching that Slydini video, I could pick up on his trick easier than I could featured in this video. for eg it's obvious when he's putting the cigarettes in the box you can clearly see he doesn't put the second one in. Slydini also appears to do the same 3 tricks over and over again. He just sort of repeats it. This dude however appears to do a multitude of tricks whilst making it funny at the same time. To me this video was not only more impressive but more entertaining too.

      • irish

        Oh this guy is definitely funnier. Entertainment value was never in question. But in terms of technique? Slydini's got it all the way. He only does the same 3 movements, but the movements are so incredibly refined it's the only ones he had to do. At the :50 mark, after the reveal, and he makes the turn again, where does the cigarette go? If your answer is he thumbed it, you're right, for about half a second before he switches its position in plain sight of everyone seated a foot away. The technique is far superior, not because it's unrecognizable, but because he exhibits a far greater range of motions and manipulation with loaded hands than this guy, and with people seated right next to him.

    • dan

      The trick there, was 360p

  • Andrew Payne

    Around 1:56 you can see the ball in his hand before it appears from the cup.

  • This guy

    Pause at 1:06… yup gotem

  • bestpostEVER

    Mind not blown. Whats with all the "*Gasp* Mind Blown!!!!1!!" posts? Guys got talent, but when you can see the slight of hand every other time he drops his hand below the table….copperfeild he aint.

    Sheesh, you caption poop on a stick and chivers will be impressed…that sir is fandom.

    • BRAD

      but your a db…so he wins

    • Hypno

      Copperfield generally relies on several people doing all the work behind the curtains while he points at stuff. Rarely does "Slights". It's two totally different skill sets. Don't compare them.

    • CD3

      lets see you do that sh*t

  • Hrdwood

    If this guy had been around during the silent film era, he would have made a mint… looks like he studied Chaplin.

  • Dave

    That was impressive! The way he did his magic. The style… It was as if it an old silent film from the 1920s.

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