• yeeesh

    This guys name is Yann Frisch in case anyone was wondering. Very impressive work.

  • ass lover

    seriously not impressed .its clear he just hid the balls under the table. and at the end the cup vanishes under the table just long enough for him to swap it with one that has water

  • 1234

    lol, hid the balls under the table. My god man, you've solved it. Now go out and perform this routine with a 10th of his precision. Not impressed……please. This is one of the best cups and balls routines I have ever seen.

    • Cris

      The point is you are not supposed to see his moves, if you see em then it wasn't executed well. The magic is gone at that point

  • bennyg

    not a great video at all, fine for a 4 minute sit through, its just your silly title made it sound way more impressive then it is. like started doing after they took over bigboys makes each video sound awesome and a must see, then you realize its crap, then you stop coming to the site. personally i dont know one person i would refer that video to. i watched about 1 minute 30 and skipped straight to the comments cause i knew people would be bashing it lol. people going crazy need to calm down though, so its not for you, no biggie, its a free site and they post what they come across, some are good days, some are bad.

  • KUJhawklaw

    Does he have to act like a schizophrenic mime in order to do slight of hand magic?

  • Sam

    Wow, Vinnie Chase has really let himself go

  • KUJhawklaw
  • BRAD

    pretty kickass!!

  • Cris

    He was quick, but I saw all of his moves. It is still impressive, but once you know how cups and balls is done you know what to look for.

    For instance, watch this

    The second part is how it is done… Again this guy was quick and creative but his moves were a little obvious to me

  • Rick

    These humans never cease to amaze me

  • Aluminium Otter

    This guy rolled a natural 20 on his sleight of hand check.

  • Gyy

    mink Bally ball bags only

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  • Eder

    I see no sleight of hand? Tis' wizardry!!

  • Annoying

    Is anyone else getting tired of the adds?

  • Jony

    Wish i had such skill, it would definitely cut down on masturbation time.

  • mark

    I was kind of distracted by him tweeking out the whole time…

  • Clowd

    He looks like a tall Peter Dinklage.

    • Canucks_Rule


  • Canucks_Rule

    dude looked like he was having a nervous breakdown. neat vid, but still got bored of it half way through… even though it was sped up.

  • David Gorski

    dont even bother replying to the unenlightened ones who arent entertained by this guy…they are same ones who think will ferrell is a comedy genius.

  • Bobjoe

    Not virginity. I do magic and get pussy regularly. Chicks love that shit.

  • steve-O

    i had to watch that a couple times to see some of them, that was quite impressive! penn and teller need to see this guy!

  • K-1

    Wow, that is some pretty impressive stuff! I would pay to watch that as a live show, he's really good with the facial features and making a story out of almost nothing. Will share this

  • MostofYouAreAsses

    Why do some of you feel you have to be a douche and "catch" this man who spent a lot of time and effort perfecting his craft. So much that he got an audience to entertain. Sit back and enjoy or go somewhere else with the negativity. KCCO bro. That shit was awesome.

  • Bob

    unfortunately I am gonna have to agree with TheJoeGreene. That was pretty horrible and some of Mac's earluier stuff also not so great.

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