Wow, this is just awful (11 Photos)

  • tebow

    china is going soft … since when dont they just do whatever they want to their people. they should read their history books … once the USSR went soft … they collapsed.

  • SmokeyTheBear

    If I was buried there I'd haunt the shit out of them.

  • kittygato

    When I die I want to be scattered over the golf course…not cremated, just scattered. The gators have to eat too.

  • jmstech

    I actually see this and it appears that China has more respect for their citizens than here in the US.

    You know why you don't see this happen in the US? Because, the second you said 'No' the offer of money would be off the table and a court would rule that your shit is now their shit and tough shit to you. It happens every year. I am amazed by the respect they are showing to this families wishes by simply building around it.

    • jim thorton

      untrue. There was an old lady in Seattle who refused to sell her house so they could build some dumb box store. They built the lame building around three sides of her house. It is pretty crazy. Look up Edith Macefield., she turned down a millon bucks. That is awesome! Down with box stores or whatever.

      • jmstech

        So in the US we have one example in the last 20 years and China has two in the last month.

        I say we are losing this one.

        • Benjamin

          China is home to many human rights violations, including deplorable working conditions, censorship, etc. The US is far and away more respectful of its citizens, there's really not even a question.

  • Boobs

    Awful? More like awesome!

  • Dr.

    Would you expect any less from the Chinese?

  • LIJay

    Pretty valuable piece of land…people are dying to get in! AHH CHA CHA CHA

  • Anthony

    Just another reason to never go inside this death trap of a building.

  • 16inchzipper

    Perfect reason I am being cremated. Just mix me right in!

  • Fake

    How did they get the concrete foundation under the dirt pile?

  • {clevernamehere}

    Chances are that ground is saturated with lead anyways. Move the bones, take the cash, and immigrate.

  • Brendan

    #8 Looks like a giant iPhone for a tombstone

  • RickGrimesBitch

    The dude is dead, who cares! I feel like the family is PROBABLY just waiting out to get the most money they can!

  • john walker


  • Adam Warlock

    Imagine if you put a house on top of that hill.

  • Danno

    Chinese bullies – now THAT is a new stereotype

  • oddnumber

    Man, that was a tough one to masturbate to. No worries though, got the job done.

  • LeaMagneto

    I thought China would be less accommodating to the preferences of their citizens?

  • Yak Surfer

    I'm shocked the Chinese goverment threaten prison and move them anyway. They must be getting soft.

  • Anthony

    Money can't buy everything. STAND YOUR GROUND!!

  • Brian

    He's dead. Who gives a shit.
    I'm pretty sure there have been plenty of people built over. Haven't you seen poltergeist?

  • Macro

    #7 Maybe buy the land FIRST next time, dumbasses. They deserve it.

  • dogboner

    i'm bummed for the dudes that have to tie the rebar in that foudation

  • eric

    this is where the zombie apocalypse should start

  • warppreacher

    It is not like they have taken good care of the graveyard – it is a friggin' mess. Get over it!

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