Douchebag level achieved (31 Photos)

  • Austin c.


    • Flake

      Congratulations, your life now has meaning. Look back on this day and know that you have achieved more now than at any other point in your life.

      • 1st 😁

        Same goes to you mr. Flake! Why respond? Ill never understand . First is a great achievement, Which is why u bitches love to hate. Y'all jealous

        • 2nd😩

          As long as people hate, first will live on…

        • Flake

          You are an inspiration to the human race.

        • Dipshit says "first"

          Jealous of what? Being first at commenting? Do you do this everywhere else in life too? Let me guess, you're standing in line at the bank and you're in front. You turn to the others and say "First", as if it really means something. I've been the first to comment before and guess what I did…I actually commented on the pics!

          • Ryan

            Hahaha… That's a great response! "Standing in line at the bank and you're in front. You turn to the others and say "First"

    • John

      I thought this was just another picture in the gallery!

    • why

      Douchebag level achieved.

  • One

    Who is the last asshole

    • BudHa

      lebron really looks like a dick right there

    • Flake

      Austin c.

    • bcbigbuds

      lebron james is a fucking asshole. basketball us for retards

      • Moea

        "Us" for retards or "is" for retards, dipshit

  • Ajsh101

    Lebron is such a douche

    • jessed

      Fuck u LeBron

      • Mattman

        He is gonna be totally burned when he sees your comment

        • MylesofStyles

          If Lebron is a Chiver, I'm leaving.

          • M. Hunt

            Don't let the internet door hit you on the way out, sperm- breath!

    • guest

      I hope that guy sat on lebrons warm ups and farted a few times.

    • m.c.

      Agreed… he is… but #31 is funny because they were on the road (you can see all the Bulls banners above him) so the kid was working for the Bulls and assigned to the Cavs' bench. So I'm amused that he's effin with the kid.

  • SKP

    Something tell me those aren't to only tips they're touching…

    • SmokeyTheBear

      "Okay, now lets take one of us crossing streams."

      • Whisper Yang

        I'm not saying they're gay, but I think they would hold a dick in their mouths for a while. Just saying.

    • Guest

      How Douchebags mate

    • Devin Coffin

      I really think I may have gone to high school with one of them aahaha.

      • Yuppp

        You must have gone to high school in Nor Cal.

    • boob_cuddler

      You're right because iphones are for chicks.

    • trent

      these 2 have probably had more dick than hot meals.

    • Nick

      They don't quite understand the fine art of "Scissoring."

    • Huge gays

      Why does this scream GYPSY to me?

    • Mikile

      They either live in a trailer park or an upper middle class neighborhood. It is hard to determine the dwelling of these specimens.

    • LeeAnn

      haha *snoodle*

  • alex

    yup lebron is a douche

  • asdfg

    #31 Really, what an ass. For all I know the guy picking them up deserves such treatment, but some how I am in doubt.

    • Sean

      I know the guy. He didnt deserve it, I guess LeBron used to do this all the time before this video got so much attention.

      • ryan

        U don't know the guy w the bulls, stop lying.

    • stiffbiff

      For some reason i laughed at how the kid was always one second late on the grab.

    • Edward

      Really, as his personal assistant, I'd make sure that I'd did a dick rub on his waterbottle at least once before the game.

      • waltgator

        haha word!

      • Dyquen

        Hahahahaha Agreed

      • Rob

        Agreed. I wonder if the guy he's being an ass for him also gets food and other things for him??? Haha!!!

    • ron

      rich goof

    • Truth

      Doesn't matter if this guy deserved it or not, you shouldn't do it. I doubt he did, anyway. Lebron's a prick.

    • Your Mother

      I usually don't advocate violence, but imagine the glorious moment that would have been created if the guy picking up after Lebron walked out to the court and cold cocked him right in the jaw.

  • Matt

    I agree with all of the except #12, Ricky Fowler is a good kid.

    • Manny

      Agreed. He's great for the sport.

      • @NorCalChiver


        • ChristonACracker

          your a fucking idiot

          • Grammar machine


          • Anon


    • John Knolhoff

      Plus he gets paid to dress like that

      • rockstar_323

        Yeah if Puma paid me a few million I would dress like that all the time.

      • sandy astroglide

        so are tranny whores.

    • mike

      exactly. Ricky Fowler is the man. The rest, especially, well of them really, are huge douches.

    • Joey

      Shit, if I could get away with dressing in sweet Puma threads like that, I'd totally rock them. Dude pulls it off.

    • david

      he is a cool guy just those cloths in that pick are really bad

    • RedwooGeorge

      Agreed, Ricky's a sweet kid with a sense of humor about his wardrobe. He's not a pretentious jerk.

    • Brad

      Agreed, I've heard several stories of Fowler staying an extra hour or two after his round to sign autographs for all the kids.

    • Cody

      Fowler is the man.

    • lil drew

      Fowler is the man….. dont agree with this post…..

    • Craig


    • GI Joe

      I agree, everything I've ever heard about Ricky has been positive. He's a stand up guy and people say he is quite humble.

    • Captain Canuck

      This outfit is probably gayer than twilight.

    • GoTiger

      No. Ricky Fowler is an embarrassment to the sport.

      • AdamBaldick

        Tiger really hasnt been a model spokesperson either bro

    • AdamBaldick


    • The Gilles

      I'm with Matt – this kid has game with…flair.

  • lol

    #31 What a fucking cunt

    • Guest

      Couldn't have said it better myself. I'd want to have a wee chat about teamwork, if I were his coach.

    • Trent

      You mad bro?

      • Anonymous

        honestly i completely agree that insults need to be thrown at this fuck but I hesitate to call him a cunt because he seems to lack both warmth and depth.

  • Guest

    #23 is what chivettes pretty much start to look like..Bunche of douchettes

    • Erin

      Big bobble head girls with fake boobs and bleach blonde hair..all the guys screaming MOARRR..they are douchebags too

    • Ryan

      Agree a lot of chivers boost a lot of Chivettes egos with that MOARRR crap..that's why some chivettes just go overboard with their submissions it's gotten crazy and out of hand

      • greg

        I'm glad somebody else gets sick of the MOAR crap. It's not funny, and it's no longer cool to spell More wrong, not that it ever was cool.

    • Dan

      You know, I never thought I'd say it, but you are right. The chivette thing was cool and now, it has just gotten out of hand. Look back on when the site first started. Occasionally, there would be a hot girl post. Now, every other post is boobs this, butt that, etc. Easy on the girls chive. They all start to look the same after awhile.

      • Randal MacNally

        What gets to me is that most of the women we find on the DAR and other posts such as Burn Bra are celebrities or pseudo internet/mag celebs. I know we sometimes may need some of these to fill a post (some are great to look at), but I want to see the girls that look at and support the chive, not women who have never heard of it. It seems that even the sexy chivers (should be sexy chivettes) post is fluffed up with celeb photos. Anyway, lets see more real sexy chivettes.

      • Ryan

        Exactly! I don't mind seeing hot girls here and there but come on now it's gotten to the point girls are pretty much getting nude just to top the other chics that submit .in a way it's too much of a good thing and it's getting old

        • BryanDT

          Ugh, finally some one comes right out and says it. I'm so sick of the chivettes. It's become a popularity contest, and yeah, they're basically doing soft core to "win". You just know they spent two hours trying to get that photo right too.

          • Tim

            Lol so true that's why their rooms are always a mess

            • Alex

              Gay people shouldn't be allowed on this site if there gonna be complaining of the material! What is wrong with all of u!!! I get one person but of bunch of u guys!! Doesn't make sense.

              • Jawbone

                You'll pardon us if we do not give a shit about the opinion of idiots who do not have the mental capacity to type out "you". Try learning basic sentence structure, then try again.

              • greg

                You're right. Guys must be gay if they get sick and tired of seeing women objectified for the pleasure of the masses. And hey, some of just don't like women who bare all for a popularity contest.

      • Paula_

        Remember when the admins hardly ever had to delete a comment? Those were days…. for realsies…

        And yes; way too much chicks meowadays.

        – the one you love to hate

        • ChristonACracker

          go swallow the end of a 12 gauge

        • Jon

          Fuck of Paul.

        • Yuppp

          For "realsies"? Stop it with that shit Paula.

      • In my opiniom

        Not to call any names….in my opinion- I LOVE the chivettes. The photos in front of a mirror tells me it's more likely to be a real woman, not some airbrushed photo. The hand bras, thongs, etc- can get to be too many and they wash out. My favorites- chivettes, thigh high socks, yoga pants, and any hair color gallery but FLBP and hump day gaining momentum! If you are tired f something: skip it! Ladies- I appreciate your submissions. Keep them real and genuine!

    • irons

      If you are a male and you have grown tired of looking at images of scantily clad sexy women I have some bad news for you.

      • Guest

        Saw sexy and great looking women before the chive ..u obviously have to come in the chive to do that. I prefer to look at girls that also keep their clothes on not skanks takin off their clothes for total strangers

    • Dave

      I'm getting tired of nothing but 22 year old girls. How many times has the Chive been asked to do another MILF post. I would love to look at some women that have a life and not just a mirror. " Don't get me wrong I love the ladies" ( Anchorman) but yeah, they all are starting to look the same.

      • Guest

        And most times those 22 year olds look 15. Yea the whole mirror thing gets old and screams im a young one

      • Kyle P

        Yeah fuck the corny mirror thing. It's just narcissism but they scratch kcco on their fingers and they're supposed to be "hot". Guys do it and their "douches". It's vanity, people; doesn't matter if you're a dude or a chick.

    • P.Griffin

      awful lot of honkees inhere

  • BertoPop

    #31 Lebron is a fuckin ass douche!

    • john m

      …a full 99 level douche with a bag!

    • HUH?

      but according to sports illustrated he is sportsman of the year. gag.

    • MikeOverHere

      Near as I can tell, the definition of "douche" is anyone who gets more pussy than this Dougy on Tapiture dillhole.

  • Da Nig Nagga

    #10 my homies! Always be pimpin!

    • White Gurl


  • Guest

    #31 What a douche nozzle.

    • rory

      Why is everyone on the chive a lebron hater
      i mean i know he pulled a dbag move with the decision thing but he didn't have bad intentions or anything

      • Tcobmf

        I'm sure. At least not in his little retard-brain! Fuck this guy.

    • DogLover

      Because these losers are miserable fucks who never did anything in sports in their lives… Nobody on the chive knows anything about sports.

    • Joel

      This clip just kind of shows that Lebron's a dick. I don't know how many people really doubted that anyway, but here's your additional proof.

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #28 Probably has a baby dick.

    • Jimbo

      Or a really large one, We'll never know.

    • @julesmarie310

      tapout sticker is a dead give away.

    • j6251c

      He has a Las Vegas NV commemorative plate. This town is full of db's running around in monster trucks with the tapout stickers plastered all over them. I am sure his brass knuckle and skeleton grenade sticker is in the mail.

    • KCCO

      Hummer….every dick should have one.

  • Pacman922

    #21 That couch is fuckkkeeeddd

    • #387

      The couch is… the cooch is not (if they have any standards that is)

    • Chip Tetley

      The girl on the left looks afraid of the douche monster

      • Zen Master

        I was thinking the exact same thing!

    • aww shit

      ahhhhhhhh somebody got nutella on my couch oh wait it was just a douche spill

    • yeesh

      i'd be scared too… luckily the middle chick has sleighed a few douche dragons in her day

    • Yep

      I didn't know Oompa Loompas got bigger?!?

  • Jordan

    #12 no way man. Fowler is a kick ass guy.

    • Evan

      took the words out of my mouth. Fowler is awesome! negative points for theChive

      • davo

        dresses like a complete fuckwit though

  • Adrian

    The Boz and Ricky Fowler shouldn't be on here!

    • ScubaSteve

      the Boz pic is from the mid 1980s. he gets a pass

    • TebowsLoveChild

      I don't think Bo Jackson would agree with that statement.

  • freddy boy

    #7 That guy should tell his girlfriend to not wear yellow with the silver car; it's so gauche.

    • Jules

      I love that you used the word gauche. It's not used nearly enough. And that little shit is a douche.

      • bullzini

        Its the Biebs, my niece pointed it out which worries me greatly that she knows of this site at 11!!! No way I want her to be a future Chivette!! Friends fine, not my niece.

        • ChristonACracker

          Why? You afraid she is gonna end up eating pussy because of it?

          • AdamBaldick


    • TheCanadianGuy

      Seriously who dressed this sack o' useless?

    • Paul from the gump

      His shirt looks exactly likie the Chive XMas sweater shirts btw.

  • @Trollfric

    All these pictures pissed me off. Especially #31. What a cunt McCuntStick.

  • mrjrsoprano1

    isnt number 9 "the boz" brian bozworth??

    • hara

      It's like my daddy said before he died: Don't, son! That gun's loaded!

    • Paddy Power

      Yup, biggest flop in Seattle sports history.

  • Pump the brakes

    Nothing like some bad spelling and racism to validate my Saturday….

  • bones

    Just another weekend here at the jersey shore. #BGH

  • MikusMaximus

    #14…Not douch but homosexes. They're exempt.

    • MikusMaximus


    • JAFitC

      Ummm. . . . No. Just No.

  • Luis

    The fact that he is black has nothing to do with the fact he's being a're an idiot and you're the asshole for even saying that

  • Tiber_Septim

    #15 #16 #17 #25 winners of the super douche quarter finals

    • Teea

      It's like someone walked around taking pictures of New Jersey

      • Poop Stain

        #16 may be a big smelly douche, but he is probably tapping both them asses, like a comedian once said, a dorky dude with a hot girl, probably has a big dick and a fat wallet

        • Corey Haim

          Corey Feldman? Doubt it.

          • mikey

            He was donatello. He is getting that pussy, and you know it

    • Bobby Klobber

      Discusting tattoes……wonder how many years before the Tattoe fad suddenly gets old.
      Then suddenly all the no brain losers will want to know how to UN tattoe their pathetic hides.
      Simple……burn them off……heres the gasoline.
      You can light the match assholes.

      • mmcc

        ** Tattoo. But I agree. Not the best look. I know. Try being in the business world with your arms full of tattoos. Makes a hard job even more trying.

        • factionhg

          Because these stellar entrepreneurs want a career in Forbes businesses. The close-minded people of this world never cease to amaze me. There's plenty of ways to cover tattoos or people could just get the sticks out if their asses and accept people.

    • Guest

      The neck tattoo states your intent that you will never be a successful, productive member of society! #17

  • Cuse Chiver

    Just thank you, thank you so much for this.

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