Hop on the herpderp express (35 Photos)

  • Pitote


    • Dumbasses

      Fudge all you motherfudgers

      • Jon

        All of you people making fun of individuals with lazy eyes and other genetic defects can lick my fucking asshole after a nice wet shit. Fucking douchebags.

        • RonBurgandy

          Well that escalated quickly

  • http://theChive.com YEMX

    #34 still would.

    • Philmore

      Indeed….I would herp that derp…..

    • Mrtoevs

      Has she been found yet?

      • its_forge

        That's not the chickie from "Community?"

    • Code L

      Is that a cellphone stuck through her wrist?

      • That Guy

        good eye, good eye.

      • RichMahogany

        In my mind I know it's a bracelet, but I can't unsee the cell phone through the wrist.. haha

    • ick

      remote controlled vibrator FTW

    • Dee

      Literally the exact thought that went through my head..

    • bdg

      #23 Love the Herp Derp Gap!!!!

      • Yuppp

        That chick is nastyyyyyy.

    • ChristonACracker

      I would totally fuck her in the butthole

    • JipT

      In forced perspective she's getting vag-punched from behind.

    • Lefty

      Find Her?

    • Dr. Evil

      Took the words right out of my mouth.

    • Big Poppa


  • Dan

    A post like this will never happen again.

  • Fernie34


    • Fernie34

      I retract my "first" statement 😦

  • Jordan

    #20 i didnt know hank schrader could walk again……

    • Dave

      You must have missed all of the latest season then…

    • ChristonACracker

      yeah, did you miss the last 12 episodes where he was walking just fine? Odd how that happened all of a sudden actually

    • Hummus

      :slow clap:

    • Tyler

      That pic was taken at the Texas Tech vs. Tarlton game. Frikkin hilarious.

  • tyler

    #23 is driving home, shes good, shes got this

    • Jon

      Yeah, what a winner must be.

    • PnB

      Herp, derp, whatever. That woman is a total disgusting skank.

  • hooray


  • Visitohr

    #18 Gimme a kiss – mprfffff

  • Canucks_Rule

    #2 #12 #19 – hahahahaha!!

    • BoredGuy

      Another day, another boring comment.

      • ChristonACracker

        cause urs is so fucking thrilling?

      • Canucks_Rule

        if it isn't everyone's favourite troll. so how's ur day bg? what, u're bored? keep that chin up slugger!!

  • iMarc

    #22 That dog rocks. His human is pretty sweet, too.

    • Hmmm

      We need more of her!

    • its_forge

      If she was skwoonching me like that, that would be my exact facial expression.

  • K-1

    #19: This could be on Goosebumps level!

  • http://twitter.com/Toanimal @Toanimal

    #4 he ruined that pic, those two are Hotties

    • Yeahhh

      That brunette is epic.

      • http://www.facebook.com/xRecklesSx Simon Gould

        ha thats from nelson bc. my hometown. i know that dude haha. and those girls are just outa highschool bra

        • dirtysteve

          They're just out of highschool bras?

  • ChiveFromWA

    #24 wow find her

    • Remmy

      Agreed we need Moar

  • LeO

    Lmao this should be a post card

  • Lboogie13

    #28 ermahgerd a berl!

  • Hank Hill

    #32 Bur, I tell ya whurt.

    • john johnsonator

      Dat bur ain't raight

    • Drwar41

      Propane will do that shit to you

      • Hank Hill

        Espercially if you surl purpane and purpane accurssories.

    • Yuppp

      The fuck happened to Hank?

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #13 For some reason all I saw was two llamas…

  • OuttaControl



    You're making fun of someone with a congenital birth defect, who is blind. Cool story, Chive. New Douchebag Level Achieved.

    • Boomer Sooner

      Its not like she can see that she is being made fun of. Lighten up lol

      • jasgat66

        I don't think The Chive did this on purpose.. If anything it was a oversight. A bad oversight but they have been known to help people through this site and I'm pretty sure John would not allow it. Remember.. It's Saturday and Dougy probably had no idea.. It's not an excuse but I would give them the benefit of the doubt on this one..

        Boomer,on the other hand, your a dick.

        • OuttaControl

          Regardless, I wrote ResignationMedia. I want the photo taken down. It's disrespectful. I refuse to endorse TheChive until they amend this and take the photo off of the site.

          • ShakeyTheMoil

            PC people like your self are the ones that are OuttaControl. You would rather wrap people with disabilities up in bubble wrap and put them in a home so they don't get hurt by the big bad world. I would rather wrap them in bubble wrap and roll em down a hill. They would probably want to do it again! Those with disabilities are people too and because of that they have a sense of humor and would probably love to be able to know that one of their own made this site.
            ahhh anyway, rant off.

            • Purple Heart

              You know what shakeythemoil, fuck you. I was injured by an IED in Afghanistan and lost the vision in my right eye, my right eye also looks "lazy" now just like the woman in the picture. When I saw that picture I found it offensive because when you boil this down to its core the Chive is making fun of a disabled person. So fuck you and fuck the Chive for putting this kind of bullshit up.

              • ShakeyTheMoil

                I've got a couple disabilities and have had quite a few people make fun of me because of them. I choose to laugh along or make a smart ass comment to defuse the situation. Most the time it works other times it doesn't. In other words I've gotten "over it"….I hope you can do the same.
                And sincerely, thank you for your service and your sacrifice.

                • Purple heart

                  I can't do anything about my injuries so i don't complain about them, but having someone intentionally make fun of a disability gets to me. It's behavior that should end around the 5th grade.

                  • Uncle Ivan

                    For what it's worth, when I first saw this thread, I didn't understand why this pic was even in here. Other than the eyes being slightly off-focus, her attractive face doesn't meet the derp criteria of being intentionally twisted or convoluted. To me, it looks like a medical insurance advert with a girl's pretty face to help business (even if it is govt selling something – A whole 'nother issue…).

                    That being said, I'm sure the Chive didn't realize her disability, either, and wasn't intentionally making fun of it. Of course, now that we know she does have a disability, maybe the Chive should pull it…

                    Thanks for your service, PH. I'm a retiree myself, and luckily didn't get a purple heart. My hat's off to you and everyone that did, though. KCCO, brother!

          • Yeahhh

            That's fine. We won't miss ya.

          • guest

            So you will still come to the site, but not endorse it. Otherwise you would have no way to know if they fix the issue. I'm sure the chive will be just fine without your endorsement in the future.

    • Thoridin58

      OK, maybe I am missing something but how am I or anyone to know or be able to tell that she has a congenital birth defect and is blind? If it is not obvious then I would think that the post was done without malice. That being said the pic should be removed once it has been verified that she does have a birth defect and is blind.

      • drewplp

        All the other pictures are candids. This is a professional, staged photo for a government website. I don't think malice was intended, but with a little thought, it is pretty obvious this is not a "derp" face. Should certain be removed.

    • relax

      she has a great smile. I thought she was kinda cute!

    • Ken Khan

      i thought it was fucked up to make fun of someone that wasn't trying or got caught in a funny situation. than to find out this, kinda low Chive.

    • storkbork

      A first glance at only the picture, she looks like the Derpina meme – the hair, bow, smile…that is all.

  • Alex

    #2 Whoever started this trend of replacing weird faces on everyone, I fucking hate you.

    • Tyler P

      I love that person, these are the best

    • anon

      its called tenso

  • Iplaywithscissors


  • Eric

    #13 "Alllllllllllllrighty then!"

  • Gallus

    #22 – The dog might be derping, but the girl sure is not.

  • Jeffie likes apples

    34 looks like she just took it up the poop shoot hahah

  • vanGink

    Take #9 Down. There's nothing funny about a picture of a blind person on a healthcare site.

    • Guest

      LOL, yeah, all those blind people might get upset when they see this picture.

      • Dick

        Well played sir

      • G_Had

        I'm going to hell for laughing about this…

    • Cock Eyes

      This is why Stevie Wonder wears sunglasses. It isn't because the house lights hurt his eyes. Plus f she could see she'd have awesome peripheral vision.

  • bob

    id herp her derp anyday

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