She’s got legs for miles (31 Photos)

  • gameoverjc

    Not sure if #9 and #15 are same person, because all hot people to me look hot. Going to need MOAR to find out.

    • evillclover

      Fuck yeah lots MOAR!!!!!!!!!!

    • bdg

      Kind of legs I like.Feet on one end and coochie on the other!!!!

    • Santa

      Pretty sure this is the lovely S Hill? Could be wrong though.

      • dutch_kraut

        Where can I find more pics of this S Hill……..I love those legs!!!

    • absure2

      Whats that saying nothing beats a great pair of leggs

  • RedRaider

    #3 is doing it right!

    • Bham Chiver

      #3 Debbie Boyd, plenty of nsfw of her…. Playboy Bunny

    • Rubberbandman

      2 bad she doesn't have a head

  • maltydoggy

    hot damn, thank you for getting me through my Sunday hangover

    • Berty

      #7 , the girl with the dragon tattoo, I love her

  • Paula_

    Even moar chick posts? You guys really ARE losing it…

    I miss the old Chive…
    <img src=""&gt;
    – the one you love to hate

    • Jon

      Fuck off Paul.

    • Loco Monkey

      Love you Paula

    • Scooter

      leave the chive alone skankapotamus. no one likes your trolling

      • Jack Wagon

        I for one like all the girl posts. Btw Paula, still waiting for you to sit on my face 😉

    • Hoovus

      I'm gonna get some hate, but for once I actually agree…. to an extent. I did really enjoy the days when this site leaned more towards being a photo entertainment hub, not a soft-core porn site, which it is slowly slipping towards. There's a hot chick post put up every other hour on this site, which is entirely not necessary. On the contrary, TNA is TNA, and it is very very nice.

      • Berty

        I started following this site during the height of "hot chick" posts. And I still love it, #1 is the woman I hope to marry one day. Chive on with hot chicks, less with bullshit.

      • ace1og

        I don't hate on you dude…I happen to agree…I mean I love the ladies as much as the next guy but I initially came to this site because it made me laugh. Now I find myself just cruising past "most" of the girl posts.

        • Miller0700

          Same here. And I like how they somehow get pics of chicks in galleries that have absolutely nothing to do with them (Cat Saturday, Inspirational, ect).

          So now the comments section are all about them rather than the actual material presented.

    • MohawkJon

      Who hurt you sweety…
      Was it those attractive girls…
      Don't let those girls get to you Paul

  • kelton

    #17 amazing..MOAR

  • titty boi

    fuck paula

    • Paula_

      Get in line…

      – Fan testimonial: "Paula plz for the love all dat is holy I'm born n raised here in Maui n half da reason I get on thechive is to see da arguments n comments from u. Plz plz plz post a pic or email cuz ur either a dude or a real hottie. – islandboi"

      • Gus

        Paula, you are damn good at what you do. That being said, you spend way too much time on this site.

        • Paula_

          Well fuck you in the ear; you haven't been paying attention minion!!1! I hardly spend any time here anymoar because all the chick pics and lame comments bore me to death!!1! And boredom is the # 1 cause of death amongst trolls. So I'm not taking any chances.
          Ironically, while the number of chick pics explodes, there are NO MOAR CHIVETTES!!!11! They have died along with this site I guess.

          – Fan testimonial: "^^^ This is a Chive Troll ^^^ post and comment carefully… They're led by an evil wench by the name of Paula. – Toll finder 2000"

        • Paula_

          Also; I live here. Can't be helped.

          – Fan testimonial: "Paula, you're half the reason I read the comments. – SquishyFlint"

  • BobbaFett



  • Wet_tosti

    #19 i like the "please don't hit me, i won't get out of the kitchen any more" pose. It is very original. Now take a nice nap under your newspaper.

    • Thrillhouse

      Oh I get it! Abuse!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Your family and friends are super lucky to have such a comedian around!

      • jake

        I get it! Sarcasm!!! Your family and friends are SUPER LUCKY to have such a sardonic cynic around!

  • Wrench

    #16 please

  • therealstake

    sweet jesus. Simply drooling

    And yeah, just go play in traffic paula. amazing post leo

    • Paula_

      Paula is always right. You KNOW it to be so.

      – the one you love to hate

  • 918'd that A$$

    This was a weak Chive post, a repeat of yoga pants or fit chicks would have been better


    #7 just incredibly delicious!!!

    • kekermahoney

      who is she and where can we see more

  • CalculatedRisk

    Hell yes.

    Without a doubt, my favourite post here on the Chive. (Followed closely by yoga pants!)

  • BigOkie

    #26 Maybe the longest legs I've ever seen!!! Delicious!

    • N8orius

      Something about that position confuses me, contortionist or shopped?

      • Chris

        Shopped indeed

    • What_Tha

      Inroducing Chloe Lecareux

  • Mclovin

    I've got a boner!

  • goodeye

    #4, but you have to pay for the shopping…

  • Arcona

    Some of these birds are just too skinny. some people like that but it's not for me. I'm more of a beyonce type. with the big booty!

    • KRS1

      "Birds"? Go back to the 60s, Japanamation.

      • Arcona

        ugh.. what? its a commonly used phrase here. I forgot the world doesn't revolve around you.

      • Mr World Traveller

        FYI, "bird" is the British (and Aussie?) equivalent of the American "chick"… I'm not sure it was ever used in the US back in the 60s, or in any Japanamation. So, I'm not sure where you get your reference.

  • Matt

    Please put number 12 in the find her!!

    • Notme


  • Gordon

    #11 Wins. In my opinion.
    Buuuut , the chive is turning into a hot chick forum. Who's okay with that?

    • Horny bastard


    • irons

      I don't come here to look at guys, or to listen to them whine.

      • epic ass is epic

        Yeah, her ass is epic and dare I say MOAR?

  • boob_cuddler

    I like legs when they're open.

  • djstout17

    I have a serious weakness for a girl with nice legs! Every one of these girls is magnificent

  • nick

    Really matters what it looks like where the legs come together 😉

  • Canucks_Rule

    #2 #6 – anyone who doesn't have zz top playing in their head while looking a this thread, there's something wrong with u.

    • Kato

      I know man. Sharp Dressed Man is the perfect song to be played while running through this post.

      • Jahnny

        Pretty sure he meant "Legs". I don't she how sharp dressed man is appropriate to this gallery

      • Canucks_Rule

        jahnny was right.

        • Sarah Chasm

          Sarcasm much?

    • Arcona

      #2 looks unhealthily skinny.

  • TLTSOLdrummer

    #28 #19 #2 Only in my wildest dreams. I do not have words.

    • Bham Chiver

      #19 Sienna Miller I believe

  • Mark_Chris_Top5

    Mark and Chris' Top5:

    #1, 4, 7, 19, 24

    • Jake Weiler

      This girl is super hot.

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