As is custom, here are some gorgeous FLBP candidates on a Monday (53 Photos)

  • SUPer4Life

    This gallery really should be re-named FLBB….The last B=Blessings….

  • SUPer4Life

    #49 Potenially a new rating system for bra sizes???

  • DaveonWheelock's

    #1 needs to be found asap

  • burlap

    #40 yes i will kiss you under the mistletoe

  • @KenKCCO

    #50 I have to know who this is. She is beautiful.

  • Dlaka

    it's a trap


    #9 BOOBS and baseball = perfection

  • Ben

    #27 Whoa. Time to send out a search party.

  • BackInNJ

    #3 FLBP's…for the poor bastard on bottom

  • MonkeyMadness

    #10 Excellent side boob. I'd lick it.
    At first I thought she had a nasty scar on her ribs, but it's just a nasty tattoo.

  • Perin

    #32 #34 Nice smiles ladies… 🙂

  • cadaver

    #50, who are you? must have moar, a weekly gallery of just you is required, what a natural beauty

    • ChrisTheChiver


      • cadaver

        her face does'nt look like it's been surgically enhanced 🙂

  • tjo55555

    #14 #42

  • TheVerge

    It was Aristotle (I believe) who put it best when he said, "Tits, tits, tits! Man, do I love tits!" And I think he and I would have agreed on #3 for top honors.

  • Shambles

    #41 for the win the rest a very close second

  • Boston Rugger

    #9 The cherry on top is that she is a Sox fan even after the year they had.

  • Brandon Betz

    #50! All day long. By far my favorite Chivette. She's gorgeous!

  • wut

    #1 and #4 :O

  • jamie

    some nice ones, but whats with the skanks, running low on tallent

  • jimbob

    #1 HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!

    Dear Chive, any chance if compensating me? I just wore out me fapping ARM

    • jamjom

      Well, I feel you jimbob

  • Dloudermilk

    #36 MOAR, MOAR, MOAR!!!

  • jezza

    #50 is drop dead stunning.

  • Goat

    #50 chive let's go. Buy this women a house or car. Best body ever on the chive? Plus she is naturally beautiful

  • crash25

    #45 & #48, just wow. Thanks for starting my week off right, Chive

  • The_wiz


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