Is our universe real? Also, Find Her (38 Photos)

  • El_profe

    #3 #13 and #15 please find them. I'd like some Moar.

    • mynameis

      13 ms. Pimple booty yuck! I have to ask. You would bite it wouldn't you?

      • mmhmmmm

        pretty sure thats a mole, guy.

    • MattDamonFace

      Up until number 7 (except for 3) I thought this was a friggin' joke post. THEN YOU TOTALLY REDEEMED YOURSELF with #7

  • Sixty

    #29 dear god find her. Wow.

    • echogeo

      Years ago an old timer I worked with once said about a gorgeous woman walking by,
      "I'd gargle her bath water."
      Now I sort of know what he meant.

      • Garden Gnome

        I have never heard such beautiful words.

    • FourFive

      Melody Kord aka Brigitta??

      • Maverick

        Definitely not

    • Just a Guy

      She has to be one of the most gorgeous girls to ever grace the Chive. She was hot in the Red Heads category and she's even hotter today. Must find.

      • sean

        who is this?

    • Trebech

      She is #1 on Chive's Most Wanted list. FIND HER

      • Randall

        Sierra Dominique, but you will more commonly find her under Sierra Blair-Coyle. She's pretty much a badass in the rock climbing world.

    • kcco

      she's ok. just the girl next door, model, doctor type. this is her too

    • Pilotbro

      Shes a Navy Doc out in Pensacola right now. She loves hanging with us pilots, and shes always down to rage. Solid chick overall.

      • Tyler

        Cool story, bro

      • gr8fuldad

        Navy Doc, huh? 18 year old Navy Doc that has spent most of her life climbing yet found time at 18 to become a doctor. Pretty damn impressive if you ask me. In other words, you're completely full of shit.

        • What an

          Idiot. Look at the original thread.

    • my dream girl

      great girl with an awesome personality, not to mention total smoke show. she's unreal.

  • Porkins

    Oh my stunningly beautiful! #29

    • Mr. McGibblets

      Porkins that profile picture is classic ! ! !

    • ttyl hef

      I'd gargle her bath water
      am I doing it right?

  • moar

    #13 all the way

  • nate

    #17 holy sweet lord, must have more!!!!!!!!!!

    • LineHog

      Looks like Katrina Eugenia

      • James

        Looks 15!

    • k-man

      Ricky Lake?

      • Guest

        Beat me to it by 12 minutes!

    • ayo

      data from the goonies, she'll be stoked when she sees this, we nailed our presentation KCCO

    • j c

      That guy in the background looks like geno malkin

  • erikhart

    #7 and #22 for the love of BEER find these girls!!

    • Johnny b

      #22 is levy tran

      • erikhart

        Thank you, sir!!

  • turdfergusson

    #29. Most beautiful face and smile, oh and chest

  • Find Them

    #8 Those eyes, you must find her
    #7 is also gorgeous

    • lost in time

      do you mean eyes or make-up

    • Alex

      #8 Madelyn Monroe NSFW

      • Find Them

        Well done sir

    • jr4949

      there's coffee shops around here called "bottom's up!" where the girls working are dressed in lingerie or bikinis. pretty awesome, looks like she may work at one of those (#8)

  • valscissors

    Hahaha! Those guys in #17… "Dat ass"

  • damnn

    #13 number thirteen!!! wow

    • sven

      She went to my highschool

  • rtwfdsa

    #10 #18 Cut it out with the fake tits…..

    • FONZIE

      Thank god someone else is tired of the fake boobs. It's like cheating. Sexy girls are aplenty, but when they have a great set of natural boobs, it stands out!

      • Joe

        You guys have obviously never been with a girl that has fake boobs. I used to hate them too but then I experienced them.

      • realio

        Fake boobs rule. I agree with Joe. You guys haven' t experienced the power of the fake boobs.


        Yum yum.

        Tell me, have experienced the reality of gravity, i.e., girlfriends' "real" boobs going saggy? Curious why, if you have, you would "hate" fake ones that look perfect and feel great in your face.

      • Yerp

        My wife has fake boobs and they are awesome.

        • Sleepy379

          Best investment I ever made.

          • ChaseTheWalker

            His wife's boobs? Or yours?

      • Tubesteak

        Fake boobs are a major disappointment. They are horrible. Boobs are meant to be soft but firm like a nerf ball. Fake boobs are hard like muscles. It's just not right. Yes, boobs get saggy but smart men trade in women every few days/months anyway.

    • erikhart

      I somewhat agree with you, but neither of us is kicking #10 out of bed for eating crackers!

    • B-to-the-H

      The pic doesn't show enough to determine that they aren't real. Could just be a pushup bra. Implants or not, #18 on the right is gorgeous and definitely needs to be found.

      • Guest

        kryssy clarke

    • Child Please

      Hey now… Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    • Tubesteak

      Fake boobs are a major disappointment. They are horrible. Boobs are meant to be soft but firm like a nerf ball. Fake boobs are hard like muscles. It's just not right. Yes, boobs get saggy but smart men trade in women every few days/months anyway so it's never a problem.

  • boob_cuddler

    #3 I've been wanting her found for a long time. #36 is Lucy Collet I believe.

  • ----

    #28 pornstar Madelyn Marie. Enjoy.

    • Luke

      hehehe you beat me to it!

    • Deep Dish


      Horrible, horrible boob job.

    • Levian

      You know the feeling when a song is stuck in your head but you just CANT figure out what song it is?

      You just cured that feeling!

    • Mike

      you mean to say marguerite moreau right?

      • ----

        Nope. I meant what I said. Madelyn Marie.

    • ---

      You're all wrong. Pretty sure that's Shannon Hewitt, better known as Shane of Shane's World and Seymore and Shane fame. Or as Bobby Fernandez-Hewitt's (drummer for Orgy) wife.

  • pete

    #27 is dream kelly or teen kelly…does alot of solo stuff

    • Spoon

      No sir, her name is Angelique Boyer. she's an actress for Spanish "telenovelas." Just don't ask how I know this.

      • FunKiller

        ….How do you know this?

      • Kato

        It's okay Spoon. I am guilty as well.

    • Colin

      I think you both are wrong she doesn't look like either.

      • Crown

        It def Angelique Boyer

        • HEllo

          HAHAH this is hilarious. She is a high school student and I have her on my facebook. She is not famous.

  • @morosz3

    This week is slow at work so I'm determined to find one of these girls for the good of the Chive

  • Craigan

    Texas State University! I must find her now…

    • Bob

      yep. I miss just walking to class on that campus. There is a ridiculous amount of beautiful woman there.

      • Pfizzle

        Don't forget Sewell Park. I lived at Treehouse apts, and would walk down to the park after class, it was a bikini fest. It didn't get any better than that.

    • MauraWhaley

      35 is from Texas State too! (im her)

      • Just Me


      • bdg

        Thank you!!

  • G_Had

    A friend of mine just said that #28 is Madelyn Marie and she's doing adult movies, if anybody knows what that is.

    • T-Dog

      Yeah a friend…

      • Eric

        Thats her, but she has "retired"

      • Roderick

        I miss you T-Dog….

    • TVdevGUY

      Dead ringer for my gf! I showed her the pic and she couldnt even tell me if it was her or not! For proof tell me how to upload pics into my comments!

  • Mitchell Schubert

    #22 Isn't that Levy Tran?

  • xgooberx

    #1 is sierra blair-coyle a professional rock climber

    • Phil

      Chivers are apparently great at finding them… particularly adult film stars I've noticed haha, weird to see a rock climber get recognized but I like it

      • jun

        It's hard for me to look at her as sexy (which she is) since I've known her as a climber since she was 7 years old.

      • Dapper_Dave

        Nice find. Have to admit, I didn't know they paid people to climb rocks.

    • Darth

      I have a bunch of photos of here from rock climbing competitions! Maybe I should submit them?

      • Sir Boobsalot

        Do it!

    • Plum

      18 years old from Scottsdale… WOW.

    • Mike

      #1 is Sierra Blair-Coyle. Here's her Twitter.

    • irishalum2002

      Got to meet her a couple weeks ago… she's awesome.

  • Iso

    Add the beautiful woman on the right in #16 to the list!

    • bat

      all of these girls went to the university of MD. This is an Axe event. The one with the arrow to her is Sam Zaid.

    • Kato

      I don't get it. Why not just find all of them?

    • ChristophersonofGray

      Indeed, I think #4 is #1.

  • Mr. McGibblets

    #22 is Levy Tran and she's mine! You can't have this… You can't have this!!

    • Ahnold

      Is that Total Recall's Quato on her elbow?

  • Solipsism Syndrome

    What the fuck? I don't get it. What's the connection of asking if our universe is real to the post?

    • UhHuh

      Who gives a shit. Boobs.

    • yip

      you're retarded

  • Lucas_Schmidt

    #10 Yes, find!

  • Solipsism Syndrome

    I'm suffering from solipsism syndrome right fucking now and there has been a great fucking number of coincidences relating to the universe not being real and then I fucking see this? What the fuck? Please, can someone explain this to me?

    • Phil

      chill out, man

    • realio

      It is no coincidence that you want people to consult a thesaurus because it is readily explained by your sense of self-importance, like your other inquiry.

      • Jezza67

        Seriously? This guy has a case of solipsism and you abuse him. How do you think he'll process that? But back to SS (I wish I could write that in Lightning Runes – Ooh, new font idea.) Anyway, don't worry man, you're just another self-obsessed monkey on a small rock revolving around a finite gas giant in a tiny corner of an insignificant galaxy in a single time-space singularity.

        Start a band and fuck teenage groupies, drink bourbon on monday mornings, stare at titties for hours, do a bad job at work, in the end, you'll be extinguished by something bigger.

        Or there's always scientology.

        • anon

          Thanks, man! That helps. And I apologize for my previous posts. I had a panic attack, sorry. Anyway, chive on! And #25 looks like Coleen Garcia.

        • realio

          Don't limp before the lame, deeming it kindness. Especially, those that feign their condition on the Internet.

          "you may return to your embroidery." – Longshanks

        • Ryan

          This is quite possibly my favorite comment ever.

  • who

    I want to do very naughty things with #7

    • YeahBuddy

      Like lick her ass?

      • Canadodian Reprobate

        Like pick her up after school?

        • jim

          Take her to the freshman hop, then finger her in my Mom's old Buick.

          • Drool @ Pinky

            All sorts of correct, Jim.

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