It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (25 Photos)

  • CalculatedRisk

    #10 What time is it? Time to KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!

    • Dr_StrangePants

      what ARE those, anyway?

      • Si1entStatic

        I'll give you one guess. You can't see the other 4 legs and that one is too big for the SOLO cup trap technique.

        If the wife found that then no matter what I was doing my new one and only purpose in life is to fight that….. Yes, dear let me go get the RAID…..

      • Bill

        Your a idiot

        • linkx

          *you're *an

          • Mike

            I applaud you but I don't think that's a lesson that can be taught to this one.


      I think I would run out and set the house on fire… just in case.

    • chivester

      I hope that's a very small clock

    • LOLP

      ADVENTURE TIME!!!… Sorry, I… I don't know where that came from.

    • Underbaker

      And sometimes you are Thor, as you stand on the other side of the kitchen and throw and sledge hammer at it. (keep a flame thrower handy in case you miss).

    • shirt nonsense

      thats when you turn around to grab your gun, flamethrower, etc …just like that its gone… fuck me

    • Not Cool

      What time is it? Time to move the F out!

      Preferably to a non-monsterous size spider having continent.

  • MylesofStyles

    #7 This is what happens when a woman leaves the kitchen.

    • McBeastie666


      • MylesofStyles


  • Nick

    #23 ha!

    • Lukeatmacock

      In 'Merica she is anorexic…

    • tact

      Here she's fat…

    • Yoselahonda

      Then I likes to pork the Japanese plumpers.

  • Justin Lentz

    #23 then i like plump

  • CalculatedRisk

    #23 And in Thailand, this woman is actually a guy.

    • TChrisB

      That made me snort. Thanks!

      • Tuckback Thai Boy

        Why you no visit anymore?

    • George


  • Mr.beandip

    I ❤ boobs

  • PeyKonzloas
    • Really?

      Epic comment dude.

  • KenWall

    #17 Every man's fantasy

    • Guesticles

      You spelled nerd wrong.

  • LeO

    That's awesome

  • dumb dumb


  • kal50

    #23 I smell sushi

  • sfb101

    #3 Oh so true

  • trl87

    At the very least that clock is getting punched through the wall. I vote high explosives.

    • Si1entStatic

      I say we sneak up on it very quiet like with an airstrike full of NAPALM!!!!!

  • Needlegun13

    #10 How bout HELL NO.

  • Mac

    #23 In MERICA she makes me plump.

    • urinal puck

      If you're in Merica, you are already plump.

  • guest

    #12 You know why fish are so skinny? They eat fish. –Seinfeld

    • thedude325

      I assume krabby patties are made out of crabs and everyone eats there….

  • guest

    #13 Some do.

    • Underbaker

      What worries me is the bullet is only good for a month, then you need another one.

  • Peter Gauthier

    its a price we all must be willing to pay.

  • CLD29

    #23 if she's plump I an't deflate it.

    • DickBagel

      You seem like a smart guy.

  • SOhioChiver

    MTG! MTG! MTG!

  • Brian

    Dumb post. These are funny pictures without the words below. The words are dumb and not clever. This would be like me going through the chive and "improving" all of the funny pictures by explaining why they are funny. Lose the captions and just post funny stuff.

    • UhHuh

      I think Reddit might be a better choice for you. Bye bye.

  • Gallus

    #25 – You got that right!

  • LOL

    Not sure if you're keeping up, but she's plump in Merica too! #23

  • Falthor

    #5, it's Makes eye contact… A boner is a sure sign too, but making eye contact signals intent.

  • tkc

    It's Japan for crying out loud.

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