Mad Max ’73 XB GT Ford Falcon vs Ford’s Interceptor concept (37 Photos)

  • Jon

    This car already ruins the movie for me.

    • bob

      wait, what??? they're remaking max?


  • Andrew

    God the old Falcon is such a hideous car. This was probably the best thing to ever happen to it.

    • bob


      go back to your prius and drive away now.

      • Jon

        Holdens were great looking cars. The XA XB XC were all ugly.

        • carmasterr

          Oh god…
          Please keep your car war to yourself Australia.
          Both brands have produced great looking muscle cars.
          And today, an average Joe can´t keep the modern V8 Supercars apart…
          I have never quite gotten the giant flame wars surrounding Holden and Ford anyway.

  • carmasterr

    How could anyone possible like the new car?
    It can´t and never will match the ominous, sinister style icon that is the XB.

    And on a side note: since the XB was the last of the V8 Interceptors in a decaying post-apocalyptic world, who in their right mind would think that a new movie warrants a new car?
    It´s absolutely stupid if you pay any attention to the original trilogy´s timeline…

    • Ash

      Look what Hollywood has do to other classic movies and tv shows……Hollywood is an entity hellbent on leaving a trail of destruction in the name of profit.

      • carmasterr

        Sadly, this is completely true, and that´s fine, but Hollywood usually has an almost acceptable name for that: The Reboot.
        But Mad Max: Fury Road was announced as a sequel, making it an even bigger mistake.
        Calling it a sequel would imply that you continue the already existing storyline.
        But apparently, that is not at all the case.

  • Ash


    The Nicholas Cage 60 seconds was cool and all….but, honestly, I still prefer the original. No matter how dated and campy it seems…what Toby Halicki managed to pull off on such a small budget with none of todays high tech equipment/cgi….its amazing.

    • carmasterr

      Exactly, at least those stunts were real.

      Just wait ´till they get their hands on Bullitt…

  • Captain Thursday

    #27 Love that. A windsor with a blower.

  • DAvE

    #27 That's a 351 Cleveland, and the blower + scott fuel injection is non functional, and only for looks. (if ya look close, you can see the carb hiding under the blower case) Still love the XB way more than any 'new' take on the "Last of the V8 Interceptors"

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