• HumpDan

    Why bother… the world is ending in 11 days.

    • Nick

      maybe a god will see the epic-ness of these shirts and decide that humanity deserves another chance

      • Zachary Patton

        You mean Thor

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Hopefully we see some worth buying, this time around.

  • Alberta

    How about the last Chivery Design Contest… Ever

  • This guy

    Shirt with boob cutouts. If it happens I'll donate the prize money to 10 shoeless guys in NY

  • Dave

    Design contests are an insult to graphic designers everywhere. Hire a good designer based on their portfolio. Crowd-sourced design contests are just a way to get a bunch of designs for free and not actually have to come up with their own ideas. Pretty weak Chive.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      Although, technically, you're correct, I don't think that's their M.O. The chive is BY the people and that's why they are doing it this way. I just hope the shirts don't suck again.

    • This guy

      That's called efficiency. Customer involvement, free advertising, branded sales… wish the government could run like that…

    • LOLP

      Look, Dave, now that you are off wheels, we think it'd be best for everyone if you just walked out of here an never look back. we had some great times, but you lied to us. We just can't forgive you.

  • SmokeyTheBear

    I saw a photo someone sent in of a painting of The Ghostbusters keeping Jesus from ascending into heaven. Best shit I've ever seen. Make it a t-shirt, you'll make millions.

    • Salty Scumbag


  • N2MotoX

    Grand prize should be $1000 + 10% stake of their sale!

  • Verbal_Kint

    How about this time, post ALL entires and let us vote. Double elimination style.

  • GuyinReno

    The Chive is making LOTS of cash off of all the free designs they get from the community, a $1000 is pretty lame considering how much bank this site will get from it. I like the Chive and all, but come on, a $1000 is a freaking joke. Pony up the dough and make it worth our while.

  • Trav1121

    Better be some cool/hilarious submissions this time. The last few have been pretty disappointing…

  • Professor Squeegee

    ( Due to a lack of a comment field on the upload page. )

    I submitted a 'design', if you will. I don't care about winning, but I would like to see ' Calm Run Gear' by theChive.

    I see Chive tees in every event I run. Do you know what cotton tees do to your nipples? Please save Chiver and Chivette nipples with running tees and sports bras, FLBP may depend on your actions.

    2012 Mayan Apocalypse survivor.

  • Yann

    I'm sorry, I'm NOT doing this because the last contest was HORRIBLE !! …and I don't know anyone who could/would buy it.

    Chive On !

  • Free

    Hey! I've got an idea! Lets all do something for free, that the chive should be paying someone for. So they can make thousands of dollars and you can have bragging rights.

    • Dave


  • sandy astroglide

    I had a lot of fiber today, my submission should be ready right after I get up in the morning. I guarantee it'll be better than what the winner crapped out last month.

  • Canucks_Rule

    hopefully they'll be at the "case of the mondays" level.

  • Jenice


  • PottyPlant

    Maybe include a party/meeting with the chive team AND have present a 1000 check to the winner. I have a couple submissions but don't have time to put it together right now. :/ I'll just submit on the side if they never do a contest again. I don't mind the contests… I think 90% of the people complaining that the chive is making money off them probably never entered ANYHING. That's what we call hipocrits

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