Who would take a job on this private island? (34 Photos)

Via thewowhousecompany

  • Eder

    Yes, I would love to be rich, too.

  • Sitting ducks

    Attention Somali pirates: looking for targets to rob/kidnap?! Look no further! They cant run!

    • Q_T

      Portsmouth is the home of the Royal Navy……. Jolly good luck pirates…. ever thought about life insurance?? KCCO

  • Stupid Idea Maker

    A great place to hide your weed.

  • von Mises

    Can I buy it and secede from Obamugabe's welfare nation?

  • Just sayin

    I doubt the worker's room are that brilliant

  • tjo55555

    I'll move tomorrow. Where do I sign up??

  • Canucks_Rule

    #8 – interesting.

  • K-1

    As nice as that looks from here, I think the feeling of isolation would slowly creep in and make everything feel weird!

  • AveryJoe

    Needs more round things =/

  • Bustanut

    Who cares? That looks as exciting as renting a concrete room and watching paint dry.

  • http://www.facebook.com/annette.blair.16 Annette Blair

    That's some Bond Villain shit right there!

  • fabio

    Shitty place is shitty

  • Stephen Owen

    I live in portsmouth and can see these forts from my house, the guy who owns them all (Ex owner of Dreams Beds) plans to do the same to one other and convert the last into a Museum…

  • http://euroranger.wordpress.com/ Euroranger

    #3 Maybe it's the pic or just my old eyes…but is that a second one in the background?

  • Q_T

    These are Martello towers. England's fortifications all along the south coast to defend us from the french.. they are dotted quite liberally along the coast. Portsmouth being the home of the Royal Navy has more than its fair share. Many have been developed into great houses.. not all are in the sea. We also sometimes allow the french to land… not often though…. KCCO

  • FXS

    Count me in!!

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