Wtf is happening with the ads on facebook? (23 Photos)

I think we can all agree the ads on the sidebar of facebook are progressively reaching an extreme level of "wtf." Apparently, the advertising strategy is to assume everyone on facebook is out of their fucking mind.

  • insane we trsut


    • Canucks_Rule

      thought it was just me. c&p'd this outta notepad. lol.

  • aljendro9977

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  • TheJoeGreene

    Hold on, there are still retards stupid enough to have a fucking Facebook account?

    • Uncle Dirty


  • Uncle Dirty


  • Canucks_Rule

    #2 – any ad where freddie mercury is piledriving a shark, is ok in my books.

  • K-1


  • Penal_Colony

    #2 Holy shit, is that Freddy Mercury fighting a shark in mid-air?

  • yermon

    fuck facebook

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  • Rage_Fury

    AdBlock Plus
    Element Hiding Helper for AdBlock Plus (lets you hide ANY element manually)
    Ghostery (This ones a bit overzealous and for the invisible things, not for those who are not savvy with such things)


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