A Britney Spears look-alike that makes nearly $500,000 a year (15 Photos)

Via Huffingtonpost

  • Redwall

    Well done UK, we nailed it.

  • Jeff

    Spot on you say??

  • socket2me

    she's wrinkly for a 24

  • Turdo McFerguson

    I'm thinkin' 500K a year could at least buy some white strips and a video on make-up application.

  • Truthue

    She's as ugly as Spears is. Spears looks like a dude.

  • red4

    She could also impersonate porn star Ashley Fires.

  • C.J.

    1,000 sit ups a day and some cosmetic dentistry and then MAYBE if someone is drunk they will think she kinda looks like her. i dont know its its more sad that she makes that much money or that there are some sad poorly sighted people who have been horribly lied to


    Wow, she really looks like Britney!

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