A Britney Spears look-alike that makes nearly $500,000 a year (15 Photos)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jbvancamp Jb Van Camp

    Um, I don't know what to say except 'Kill it! Kill it with fire!' #13

    • Colin

      all that money and she still doesn't fix her teeth.

      • lucid_eye

        Thats what I kept thinking. She has had veneers but her grill is still fucked up. I guess there is truth behind every stereotype.

        • P90

          Does that mean the majority of Americans really are massively obese inbred retards?

          • Steve


            • P90

              Exactly my point thank you.

              • Kapitan Amerika

                I think you meant, "the majority of BRITS really are massively obese inbred retards". There, fixed that for you.

                • P90

                  Oh well done, did you come up with that all by yourself or did your sisterwife help you?

          • mt138

            getting there….

      • nope

        This IS the UK we're talking about

        • P90

          The British officially have the healthiest teeth on the planet, not all stereotypes are true.

      • Ummm

        Perhaps this is the little girl who needs our help? God, I hope not…

    • AssMaster

      Looks like Britney as a retard.

    • Livin' Legend

      I'm not impressed with the real deal, let alone the British Grill version.

    • Matt

      Britney with Down's syndrome maybe!

    • jjj

      Posted by some typical obese american no doubt. Go loose some weight chubbs

      • Carl

        loose? Who are you? Ricky Ricardo?

      • MylesofStyles

        Oh, I get it. The weight is too tight, feeling constricted, and has started to cry. The only way we can save the weight is for Matt to get it loose. And here I was beginning to think you were just a cunt, when in fact you're a bona fide weight saver!

    • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.lambert.98 Ryan Lambert

      I wouldn't pay her $5 for a handie.

      • SOhioChiver

        made me LOL

      • Ryan

        I call bullshit…

  • beetlejuice

    that's a pretty far stretch.

    • Just Sayin'

      Agreed. If Walmart and the 99 Cent Store joined forces in a porn venture, she would be their spokesperson. #13

    • Jester

      Yeah. Maybe I should just be a Brad Pitt or Bradley Cooper impersonator…

    • FHTMS

      This bitch is old enough to be my grandmother! She looks to be 63 years old. The only thing she should be modeling are oven mitts.

    • ColaChiver

      That's what I'm sayin….Spot on my ass. This chick is busted.

  • Buckethead

    uh she doesn't look anything like her

    • SOhioChiver

      I think she might have a fighting chance if her outfits were tighter and she fixed her teeth.

    • Yo Momma

      Sure it does! If I take off my beer bottle glasses, cross my eyes and glance at her photo from 100 yards it looks JUST LIKE HER…

  • geeroid

    At a glance, yes she does, but a VERY QUICK GLANCE

    • Lord Stig III

      But only if your eyes are shut….and just judging by the looks your probably gonna have to be deaf too…other than that, spot on.

    • Heisanidiot

      Without correction, my vision is 20/400. I can confirm that without my glasses she does have a strong resemblance to Britney Spears.
      Of course, so does my neighbor's dog.

    • Mutt

      Damn, I got whiplash trying to glance that quick

    • Vook

      In a dark room with lots of alcohol consumed i'd fu…, say she might look like Britney.

  • http://twitter.com/The_Zeb @The_Zeb

    #13 with $500K a year, one would think she could afford to straighten out those teeth. I don't remember Britney Spears looking like she got hit in the jaw with a frying pan.

    • bunedoggle

      In England those are perfect teeth.

      • P90

        On average the people of Britain have better teeth than those of any other country directly due to free dental teatment for all children on the NHS.

        • bunedoggle

          Jeremy Clarkson
          Andrew Marr
          Stephen Fry
          Helena Bonham Carter
          Amy Winehouse
          Shane McGowan

          It's not so much that they have worse teeth on average, it's about having the money to fix them, and not doing it.

    • Miyagi

      In the future my friend. When she starts dating Chris Brown. Oops that was a Temporal violation.

    • bcd1979

      In Soviet Russia, teeth straighten out you.

    • Wut?

      Why do Americans give so much of a shit about teeth? Not everyone wants the messed up orthodontistry you have over there where you all end up with jaws a foot wide. Seriously, even if your teeth are naturally straight they shouldn't be arranged a perfect semi-circle.

      The reason she looks retarded (besides not looking anything like Britney) is that she's attempting to emulate a ridiculously wide American smile whilst still having a naturally shaped jaw.

      • douche


      • Dental Dan

        What an idiot!! Straightening your teeth does not widen your jaw! It just makes it look like you don't chew on rocks as snacks!

    • D is for Douche

      U are spot on brother! Haha!

    • C-Spot

      Wow, harsh, but man oh man did I laugh when I read that. Spot on!

  • Anonymous

    She just looks British…. and I don't mean that as a compliment.

    • NIXem

      that was my first thought !!!

    • Benjamin

      The British book of smiles….

    • P90

      That would be funny if half the sexy women posts on this site weren't filled with British models that everyone goes bat-crap crazy for.

      • Anonymous

        I didn't say British women aren't sexy. I said she looks British as in the stereotypical unattractive British woman. But I certainly see your point.

        • jordan

          I'd take Britney wannabe over your double down double down women anyday.

  • yes

    looks nothing like her

  • BamBam

    Well it's been a old run Chive. Looks like we have reached the end of the Internets.

  • dalesq

    fix your fucking teeth

    • Raven

      lmao! agree

  • Homeiswhereyoumakeit

    Why isn't this tard able to close her mouth?

    • yes

      you like to see homos naked?

  • Peter Pan

    her face is even more busted than brittney's is…

  • Bonobo

    R.I.P Dave on wheels

    • ChiveOn

      that was a truly repugnant hoax…

  • JonV

    500k? That's prob from big spenders indulging in their Britney sex fantasies. Not a bad gig

    • ColaChiver

      If she looks like Britney Spears, my balls are reminiscent of David Bland.

    • el chive-o

      i thought she was a hooker

  • MattyXL

    what a slapable face

    • JonV


    • Bonnybonbon


  • Good from far...

    What's up with the shitty eye make-up??

  • DDD

    When will she be in Porn??

  • clamdigger


  • sparky

    She must be REALLY good at marketing.

  • Peeve

    Good from far, far from good

  • ambercr20

    If you make that much- fix ur damn teeth!

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Chive, you can't hit it outta the park every at bat I guess.

  • Sauron

    If she had been impersonating her for 8 years, did she go through a bald/bat-shit-crazy phase too? Also, why do we keep calling it "she"?

  • 16inchzipper


  • Sappy

    Still would.

  • morebeer

    Ummm….close enough???

    • glw539

      Ummm… NOT

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