Arguably the world’s dumbest bank robber ever (14 Photos & Video)

Hanna’s youtube video boast below…

  • Jawbone

    #6 I'm surprised that this one wasn't shanghied for the "Gotta get a goofy girl" bullshit post.

  • twoninethreexseven

    The long dormant government human neutering program has officially met all the necessary reasons to go live.

  • @Linkthehero1

    i quote phillyd bitches be CRAZY

  • von Mises

    care to guess who she voted for?

  • car

    Not reading all comments do of a repeat,.my bad. She is wearing the same dirty shirt she was arrested in as the YouTube video.

  • Paul

    I'm surprised she actually successfully pulled off the robbery in the first place.

  • Dale

    What sound does a dog make? Woof woof

  • @BenThon

    No one ever mentioned why the government took her baby?

  • m45trkllr

    Ha ha dumbass.

  • bank robber.

    I'd f*ck her.

  • Roy

    You can't fix stupid…

  • drewcypher

    #3 definitely future lower back pain. Though my favorite bit was the part about how the government took away her baby because she was neglecting it…….. and she's complaining about not being home to stop them………. BECAUSE she was neglecting it.

  • Andy Matulka

    The bank was in Waco Nebraska I live about 40miles away in Lincoln but my parents live about a block away from the bank she robbed. It's nice that something on the chive is from my home town for once.

  • Kinky-K

    Lets be honest here, she probably coulda made that much workin at a strip club two nites!

  • MohawkJon

    There are no words to describe how badly I just pissed myself laughing right now…

  • Dan Carter

    Also, she's HIV positive. 😦

  • ThatGirl

    In Chicago there is a "no hats, no sunglasses" rule for entering banks. That simple change would have probably decreased her chances of robbing the bank.

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