I don’t have enough nopes to give (27 Photos)

  • OneClownShoe

    I like #17 and #20 🙂

  • tv_paul

    #26 All shirts are a piece of Art? Poor Art, who made these Buffalo Bill.

  • Murph
    • Unfkngblvbl

      I hate you for posting that link…mainly because of the toilet spider video that it refers you to, after the video.

      • Murph

        I do what I can.

  • Mr. Milk

    Can someone explain what is the issue with # 7?

  • woods

    Four spider picks in one gallery, WTF?! You guys trying to give me a heart attack?

  • cweed

    #25 made me shiver. man i hate spiders

    • http://www.yougottagged.com Dick Clark

      I want to quit life now. it literally made me jump and I accidentally scrolled all the way to the bottom before I realized what was going on.

  • Mistakicks

    Oh god! Wtf is that thing?! That don't look like any spider I ever seen b4! #10

    I'm officially creeped out for the remainder of the day!

    • Toxic

      Appears to be carrying the baby spiders on it's back

  • Poppa Jared

    Blatantly making fun of women who are indeed attractive #7 , but aren't "perfection" to the Chive standards is why I don't like the Chive sometimes.

    The rest of the gallery is great though.

  • Rob

    #10 I'm pretty sure there isn't enough fire in the universe to deal with that.

  • Ira

    #2 are those some animal’s ball sacks that you got implanted into your calve muscle?

    • IndyChiver

      Testecalves… at least I am not the only on who noticed this.

  • Deep Dish

    #26 SkyMall FTW. Used to be the best part of flying. Ever since they put up a website, it kind of took away some of the magic of shopping in the sky.

  • chris

    #7 I don't get it…….

  • Scott

    #18 – Where is that? Sweet quarry in the background.

    #7 -It's the fact that she was trying to cut her head out of the picture, but it still showing up in the reflection of the mirror. That's what we call a fail, boys and girls.

    • Rob

      I think #18 is actually Machu Picchu…

  • Hank Hill

    Way too many fuckin spiders and clowns.

  • deadpool

    Aaaaah whats with all the spiders. Oh god!! >.<

  • J.C. Disco

    #5 What's the opposite of "Nope?" Whatever it is, that.

  • Anomanom

    #2 Eww leg scrotums

  • mtu

    #16 No wonder the rest of the world hates Americans…

  • TommyB

    #17 #20 F Clowns!!!!!!!

  • Back from the Dead

    #16 was gonna call him out for the ridiculous shirt, then saw he was just trying to fit in.

  • kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatie

    seriously chive, you need to write "this post contains spiders" for our safety. nearly shit myself.

  • hogan

    Their calves look like balls #2

  • DaveonWheelock's

    #5 should be an 'awww yeah' or even a 'fuck yeah'

  • Morgo

    #2 Do you even lift bro?

  • Loki

    # I've seen some fucked up shit before but this takes the cake. Step away from the cat you dirty monkey, isn't this the kind of thing that started aids?

    • Loki

      #4, my bad.

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