I miss college….(54 Photos)

  • Tim

    A fine posting

  • sdarby2000

    #37 get rid of the flag you douches.

    • Dixieisjustfine

      Pride in Southern heritage is fine thing. If y'all aren't happy with that, you're welcome to stay elsewhere.

      • Kev

        Southern heritage=racism ya douche- ps confeds lost the war get over it

        • Guest

          You're an idiot.

      • Dixiejusdied

        The Confederate flag represents a nation which declared open war on the United States and attempted to do her harm. No matter what the basis of the original grievances, flying that flag now suggests a willingness to rebel against the United States of America, and suggests a certain disloyalty towards our nation. As such it is a treasonous act and one to be held in contempt. The symbols of the defeated CSA should be relegated to museums for future generations to learn about, and they should be retired from active use. Private use is a matter of free speech and should be protected, but public use by a government should be considered a high crime against our Union.

        • IntheSouth

          Because you obviously failed American History….

          The "battle flag" was used by several armies of the Confederacy as a line maker. It was never anything more than that. Simply a pennant that told soldiers how far to advance or withdraw during battle. I will allow that most displays of the flag today are attempts to make a misguided statement. Those statements are not representative of a true Southern man or woman. We usually just ignore them as we would a child that was speaking nonsense.

          Next. It was, and still is, the right of every state to secede from the union known as the United States of America. The states of the Confederacy were attempting to exercise that right when the Federal government used violent and deadly action to keep them from doing that. We could discuss the reasons for days, but you fail at history so it would be a one sided conversation.

          If you choose to forget your heritage, whatever it might be, then you are the one with no real identity. That may be fine for the pathetic life you live. But, try to keep it to yourself.

          • Grovar

            The KKK uses it. Period.

            • IntheSouth

              Dumbasses live everywhere, not just in the South.

          • HubbleBubble

            You're probably one of those guys who constantly says "America is the best country in the World!!!" even though it ranks like # 147 in every category hahahaha

            • wisconsinchiver

              worst statement on this thread…

          • Guest

            To secede from the country is considered an act of war.

    • Kyle

      The confederate flag doesn't represent racism you jack wagon.

      • sdarby2000

        And the Nazi flag doesn't mean you hate Jews. Oh wait, yah it really does.

        • Getoverit

          Take this from true Southern Gentelman and a Soldier in the United States Army: Go eat shit Dude. if you cant handle a flag in the back ground of a picture you aint a man. Slavery isnt right but that isnt what my ancestors died for at picketts charge, they fought for states rights. Learn some respect you jackass.

          • MonkeyMadness

            Bitches just want to be butt-hurt.

          • Tirevoteg

            A "true gentleman" who tells people to eat shit and calls people jackasses. Well done! Say hi to your wife/cousin for me

            • jessed

              Lmao treated

          • http://www.adl.org/terrorism/symbols/default.asp SouthernHipocrite

            "if you can't handle a flag in the background of a picture"……. As a true Southern Gentelman, [sic] I'm sure that you would also be so quick to defend the proud descendants of any of the groups in the link below that hang the flag of their ancestors proudly in their ski mask wearing, AK wielding pictures. After all soldier, you are fighting for peoples rights.

    • DeflaterMouse

      Lot of QQing going on. Stop being pussies. Whether you agree or disagree, get over it. We got bigger problems in this world then everyone's feelings.

    • Kyle

      Here's a little education for ya, you dirtleg.

    • pishonja

      how do they open the bottles??

  • Bjw9013

    Any UNCW chivers? or am i the only one? also, #53. that is all.

    • Telephone Man

      My brother-in-law is a professor there, so was my sister, before her untimely death from cancer. go Seahawks.

    • The Baze

      You are not the only Seahawk Chiver…while currenlty in Raleigh, I do indeed MISS COLLEGE

    • 1_eye

      Uncw alum here

    • 1_eye

      And in case others don't know,the dub is an awesome place to live.

  • GuntherSquirrel

    #15 is disturbing, yet hilarious

  • luke

    #13 girls need to atleast take a minute to wash their mirrors!

    • luke

      Oops #14

  • Rayne

    Great job guys! Like to see there's giving going on during finals!

  • Topherclements

    #49 Roll Tide!!!

    • jess

      Roll tide baby!!!!!

    • Hank

      Roll Tide! # 15 on the way!

    • jun

      That body needs a better photo.

  • fannyhooters

    Its December office is quiet , and i can sit all day and just browse TheCHIVE.
    thanks from a southa african fan !!

  • mr.genius118

    #32 Beautiful…

  • Prometheus

    #16 is fucking great

    • spike

      that on the counter…. does that require batteries?

      • Chivette

        Settle down, it's a hair product. Get your mind outta the gutter lol

    • Chiver

      female Harry and Lloyd….Fucking Brilliant!!!

  • Lucas_Schmidt

    #47 Nice

  • whyme1973

    #3 #21 Can't decide if I want to study or bake a cake, right now.

  • CHaoT1C

    #14 makes me miss college and the yoga pants

    • me...bn

      Hell yeah!!! GO BIG BLUE!

    • BigCountryKY

      Love to see UK girls on here, such a rare occurrence! WE NEED a Chive Lexington Meet Up!!!

    • BennyIT

      Bout time we see some UK Chive!

  • Funkymonkeyfsj

    #37 I hate opening beer with no hands. Good luck lol

    • http://www.facebook.com/ohhpoop Robyn Peck

      Somebody there has hands or else they wouldn't have gotten the last hand taped up and the picture taken. 🙂

  • Alex

    #40 not sure if he's horribly friend zoned or if he's the luckiest guy ever

    • chrean

      Not sure what the angles are there, but he looks to be about as anatomically correct as a Ken doll.

    • Tyler

      I took the picture and horribly friend zone but in the the best way possible

      • hmm

        yes, that poor poor man. Friend zoned or not, ya just feel bad for him in this terrible situation…….

      • James

        What school Tyler these ladies look familiar

  • K-1

    #3: With this method, I would study even if I didn't need to… Flashbacks of Billy Madison!
    #44: Super Nintendo rocks

  • p1ll

    #3 #5 #21 WOW #6 #12 #30 KCCO #34 #42 #52 Respect

  • knyfe

    #45 for the love of god…. find her.

    • KB3

      Found. She lives with me

  • Zee705

    Topic of #53 needs a gallery dedicated to it.

  • mehd

    this post had way too much dude


    #35 Please find the one on the right

  • Imisscollege

    #46 Thats my photo representing Valdosta State University

    • pruitt

      i start the same thing in my house four years ago i stll got one room to go

    • Paul from the gump

      Someone isnt getting their security deposit back.

  • mshaw166

    #15 Crack Kills

  • mshaw166

    #16, I thought that was a pink dildo on the counter when I first saw this one

    • jai

      I thought it was a pink vibe

    • ItsNotMeItsYou

      After reviewing the photo there is not enough evidence to overturn the initial call. Ruling stands. Dildo it is.

  • TommyB

    #45 #53 FIND!

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