• Jonathan

    Two things:

    1) That was just creepy and

    2) I hope his parents have other kids because they will not be getting any biological grandchildren via that son.

  • Beau

    There was a kid in the video??

  • TBBucs007

    GO BUCS! haha

  • Eder

    How's this kid have more swag than me??

  • Irishman

    Wow that kid has way more rhythm than I could ever hope for. NICE ONE. Get him a Bad MOFO wallet

  • AJM

    I hope he got laid

  • Boomboombang

    Hats off to the little boss.

  • wishin i was him

    damn him…… hes got more balls then me…….

  • ricoblank

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    • @ rico

      Hey rico go fuck yourself buddy!

  • brett

    do you think he had sex with all the cheer leaders or just a few of them?

  • https://www.facebook.com/code.drankwaterstandingintheroad.bonkowsky Code Drankwaterstandingintheroad Bonk-medic

    I'm ridiculously jealous of this child.

  • Deuillevent

    Hobbits can dance

  • Dunc

    Holy crap there's a kid in this video dancing! I didn't realise until the end…

  • Harry Longbahls JR

    that's not how you do the goddamn Dougie, idiot

  • martin_freeman

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  • Fishoil

    His father just hopes it's a phase.

  • Biff

    I wasn't watching the kid.. The Chive. Probably the slowest site in the world

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