These ideas will revolutionize the world! (29 Photos)

  • Amirite


    • Chuck Schick

      Damn it, you win.

    • lom

      fuck you

  • Toxic

    #6 Where do I sign up?

    • This guy

      In the Asian student body club

    • Horseradish

        Exclusive images <3:*<3:*<3 V I S I T <3:*<3:*<3 The Chive Fun

    • janus


    • quailman8907

      Earthbound trading co at any mall has em for about 20 bucks.

    • Yann

      I bought this at the Art Institute of Chicago's shop ! 40$ …man THIS IS AWESOME !!
      I don't have to tell you that everybody looks at you and the cops too ! (I got asked " gently " if I was carring a real sword and what was my job!!)
      In the airport, it was funny when I got to take my plan and everybody on it was like : WTF!? This guy has a sword on board "
      Great stuff !!

    • nycChive got mine there. Bad ass

  • This guy

    #29 you are lazy. That should be posted in 'merica

    • Bath Salty Dog

      He is clearly Canadian

    • roger

      this is just like the vehicle in the "B.C." comic strip

    • HumpDan

      You should be posted in "Darwin's Exceptions."

    • IAmKazaam

      I wish that was in America! I need one!

    • tdog

      Lazy, he will be toting an extra 50 pounds of wheel when he has to go back up that hill since it does not look motorized.

      • Mr_fn_T

        i think it's like a segway without handlebars, not just a wheel to ride down hills on

  • Bart

    #23 WANT!

    • Osgood

      Fold up bikes are not new, they've been around for many years. Still cool though.

  • Verbal_Kint

    #29 is the only one I want…

  • Ladin

    I got #1 last for Xmas! The skuuzi keeps your beer cold and your hand warm!

    • RestoftheWorld

      First World Problems

      • Get Over It Already

        Envy is a deadly sin…

    • Osgood

      Regular plain old koozie and a pair of gloves, ta da!

    • Murray

      Or, y'know, don't be a pussy

  • Ted

    #1 For the alcoholic who can't go 5 minutes without a beer.

    • Dibo

      I am pretty sure if they couldn't go more than 5 minutes without a beer, they wouldn't be too worried about it getting warm or their hands cold as they will be getting a new one every 5 mins.

    • Mike

      For Canadians. Who know what winter is.

    • Notknowing

      That's right. AA is for quitters.

    • j10

      You sound like a fun guy Ted.

  • MrCoffee

    #6 The first time I tried to whip out my katana on "Business Samurai" day I would slice my head clean off. Guaranteed.

    • Toxic

      It's an umbrella…

      • MrCoffee

        I wouldn't let a simple fact like that prevent me from mortally wounding myself.

        • Trig

          Try wearing that in London without being shot dead on the spot.

          • Paul from the gump

            Um, i though the bobbys didnt carry guns…

  • Dan

    Why no deathstar icecube?

    • Paul from the gump

      because they've only had it on her 37 times

  • jacknasty

    Enough with the stupid moile banners already, that crap is so annoying. Just have a few ads between the pics and get ride of the stupid hovering ones.

    • Get Ride

      Yeah…get ride!!!!!

    • True


    • Mr_fn_T

      there is a small "x" at the top right corner of the ads. try that

    • Ads? What Ads?

      Try Firefox browser with No Script add-on. Gets rid of all the ads. Then just allow chive, wordpress, wp and intensedebate scripts for comments.

  • Btownbruins

    a nokia is still a more dangerous weapon than #12

    • Boondock

      The 3310 is the only one that can be used as a hammer.

    • bob

      the first person i see with one of these is going to be sorely dissapointed when i ask to borrow it, and proceed to use the screen to hammer in a nail.

      i dont even care into what, i'm just going to carry around a nail just for that purpose.

    • Rick

      Good luck getting on a plane!!!

  • df1040

    Who makes #1? Anyone know the vendor?

  • baddbuzz

    #20 NEED ! !

  • tralfaz

    One good head wind with the umbrella up in #20 and you'll be hanging out with Tom Hanks & Wilson.

  • CowboyChiver

    #21 Now my dog will never stop sniffing chicks crotches… And I can't even blame him!

    • Urinal Puck

      Now my wife will finally start to sniff mine.

  • chris

    #11 I want this wallpaper…

    • Keegan

      Duh, it has everything, cool movie and dota 2. win!

  • pa'ver

    #24 not quite, they already have these and they're not that great.

    • ForgottenXero

      The worst $80 I've ever spent!!! But don't tell my wife that!

      • DigitalGuru

        Could you attach an air compressor hose to it? Maybe blow out the gutter gunk?

    • Terwilliger

      A great idea but I read a review quite some time ago that pretty much said the same thing, only it wasn't so nice about it.

  • misschris

    #3 Maybe I'm just a dork, but I really want this. 🙂

    • Yah bitch yah

      Yea you're just a fucking dork.

      That shit's gay and stupid.

      • explorataur


      • explorataur

        Young lady you're going to be late for 4th period english if you don't leave that computer lab. you can internet later, go on now.

      • Mike

        be great when riding a bike or walking in sub-zero weather

    • John

      thumbs up cause i agree you're a dork

      • Johnnycanuck

        I'm Canadian…… Fucking want!

  • tv_paul

    #21 Adds a whole new dimension to the term "Porking"

    • Not very funnie

      GET IT!?



      • ee cummings

        why do you need to use only upper case? are you compensating for a tiny penis?

        • Funnie


          • troll hunter

            Watch out guys, we have an angry anonymous avatar troll on the loose!

          • chiveman

            Go home little boy your mama's calling.

      • SwineBuggery

        You're right…. your mother squealed pretty loud when I was porking her…

  • sfb101

    #23 Does any body know where to find it?

    • That Guy
      • sfb101

        Somebody please thank that guy…

        • Wolfpack Steve

          And I thought 29ers were ghey…..

  • lucid_eye

    what the hell is #28
    And why would you want #16

    • FSU

      luggage case

      • hmm

        luggage case/washing machine by the looks of it.

        • lucid_eye

          if it is functional that would be great for when I am working in the feild

          • Brain Police

            Yeah, I could use one when I'm working in the "Feild" too.

  • Tyler Rauch

    #20 where is this for sale!!!

  • jasonB


    I always pictured still-suits being slightly more bad-ass

    • markkens

      He has wisely avoided putting straws into the thigh pads

  • louistulley

    #29 The best part is how cool you look using it

  • squirlzy

    haha already got me some #21 wife loves the stuff, actually not really, but i do!!

    • IAmKazaam

      For guys who want to taste bacon after pounding fudge…

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