This is Zoe’s story (21 Photos)

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  • Eric - Big Canoe

    Working, listening to our 8yo daughter play the piano. Zoe-KCCO!!! You will have a wonderful life!

    Go Chive Nation!!

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    Grown men do cry. I'm a perfect example.

    From a father who's donated hundreds to others through theChive, to Zoe and her family, you're gonna feel theChive love like never before. Chive on.
    **wipes eyes again**


  • Mitch

    Glad to see the Chive Charities going! This is THE SUPER HERO CLUB.

  • Shawna

    Late to the party, but done! Chive on Little Zoe! Prayers coming your way from Florida!

  • Ozzy Merc

    You guys are GREAT! My best wishes to Zoe and her family! Love her cute little smile!

  • Sean

    Love you guys!! Stay strong Zoe and family, we got this!

  • Jon

    God Bless.

  • GC87

    My heart and prayers go out to this unfortunate beautiful little girl 🙂

  • Alicia

    I'm surprised that people don't know that much about this disorder. I guess I know because I read the book "Handle With Care" by Jodi Picoult and it's all about this disorder. It really helps you understand it. I love these stories. By the way, #5 is is cute. Those kids are gorgeous.

  • Livin' Legend

    Came to the right place.

  • Sarah

    #3 – This is great. Made me tear up.

  • DozR-St.Charles_Il.

    God Bless You Zoe. My donation maybe small but my prayers are HUGE.

  • mrpko

    Stay strong little angel, the CHIVE family is here for you! To all that have donated you did a wonderful deed today. God bless. KCCO!

  • Ciera Licata

    Just donated! What a sweet little girl. Way to go Chive!

  • MattKL

    Things like this make me damned proud to be a part of this community.

  • Fuuuuuck!

    I never thought I'd give again after the Dave on Wheels ruse. All it took was one look at her pretty little face (and the fact that John was actually IN a shot with her) Chive on Zoe! Count me in

  • Shill

    A lil off topic but I though Erin's booty would be nicer. Oh well

  • cnumbah5

    KCCO and keep smiling. Chive, keep up the awesome work helping others. It's one of the main reasons I love this site. Also, someone please tell the person in my office cutting onions to stop.

  • Splorch

    Chive Nation continues to restore my faith in humanity. So proud to tell my friends I am a Chiver. Zoe is part of the Chive family now, and we take care of our own. KCCO!

  • Matt_KCCO

    KCCO Lil one!!!

  • huncyrus

    Respect to the community!

  • David

    Chive is amazing. Zoe is a gift from God!

  • dave on wheels

    no chive u will not get me with these fake stories

    • Tom Wright

      This baby totally looks like a canned ham with legs. Another hoax.

  • Meet Zoe! - SourceFed

    […] friends over at along with Damon Lindelof created a short video about the life of Zoe and her condition and […]

  • Mark

    You should have an option to filter out all of these sappy charity posts.

    B-O-R-I-N-G amirite?

    • nournotrite

      They need an option to punch assholes like you in the face and prevent you from posting your wasted thoughts on the chive.

    • Tom Wright


    • Tom Wright

      A coat hanger in the first trimester would have done this family far more good than this false hope of a fundraiser.

      • The Good Lawyer

        I would seriously slap the douche right out of you if I could. You are a vile excuse for a human, and I am generously using that term with you. I've put criminal in jail who were better than you.

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