• LeO

    I have a video of my accomplishments too. Just NSFW 😉

  • Cgyachilles

    That was awesome. MOAR

  • Marc Fortin

    You sir, are an asshole.

  • ebaum

    wow, Cgyachilles sure made my point….

    • Cgyachilles

      Just trying to help bud

  • Carl

    "For Boobs"

  • Z_b

    This is epic too!

  • Signor_TD

    Every year I watch these year end inspirational videos and make incredible goals for the new year…

    Then the internet punches me in the face.

  • Tbone

    Everyone check out Kodaline, the irish band that wrote the song (All I Want) that accompanies this video.

    • invalidusername

      Yeah amazing band, couldn't believe it when I heard them on this video! Here is a youtube link to the song on here (best video as well) –

    • aubrey

      Thank you! I was wondering who sang it. Absolutely beautiful.

  • sfb101

    Well, that me me weepy…
    Faith in humanity some what restored.

  • blameth3cashews

    man… I thought there'd be more porn…

  • KayMan

    2:11 Legends of CFC

  • invalidusername

    yeah i also have one like that, its really short tho

  • Bob the Builder

    I saw "Voices of the Arab Spring" and stopped. Fuck this video.

  • FckYaScience

    crazy to think that we're all just organisms living on this perfect life sustaining planet and we have evolved to the point where we can push the boundaries of anything and everything that we can think of. Gotta give a big one up to the human race.

    • greatdiggler

      and we're trashing the shit out of it and spending our time developing weapons to bomb the eff out of each other. bravo indeed…..

      • Salt

        Reminds me of Carl Sagan's Tiny Blue Dot video.

    • Evolution

      If the planet was perfect there would be no need for evolution:

  • Felcus

    Cool PG version. Now show us the X rated version.

  • Jacob E.

    I'm sorry to be the guy going against this video. I never seen a bad video on the Chive but during the Summer of 2012 paintball was the largest search querie (excuse my spelling) in the US. Being a big fan of paintball I believe that it should have been on the video. The Paintball Community has been trying to make paintball a major sport for the longest time. Paintball was going to be an Olympic Sport but was declined and replaced with racewalking. I liked the video but was very upset that paintball wasn't even shown at least once in the video.

  • good gravy

    I watched this video while squirting a huge dump out. The music playing felt like an inspirational ode to joy pushing me through the next big push. Right as it ended I heaved a sigh of relief and counted on the moments that led me to my most recent victory. I felt like the world cheered me on to success.

  • Bruins chiver

    The lack of boobs in this video makes me question the validity of "top searches"

  • Woodrow

    The Korean rapper PSY is a gigantic asshole… Love to see him in the 2013 video Rapper PSY trucked in the face with an American fist.

  • Jeremy

    Why Michael Phelps and not Missy Franklin? She performed way better than Phelps.

  • http://unrealitymag.com/index.php/2012/12/12/the-final-countdown-bow-and-arrow-trending-famous-ads-revised-and-gender-and-box-art-for-the-last-of-us/ The Final Countdown: Bow and Arrow Trending, Famous Ads Revised and Gender and Box Art for The Last of Us |

    […] A montage of what we searched for in 2012 – [TheChive] […]

  • Jahnny

    I thought the "Arab Spring" was in 2011? Plus it didn't really amount to anything, just dictatorships being replaced with other dictatorships.

  • Matt

    Its these type of yearly reflection videos that make me realize how much awsome stuff happens everyday in this complicated yet beautiful thing we call life. The end of an era, the beginning of a new. Humanity goes on.

  • Salt

    Funny how "Google moves billions of dollars of taxable revenue in Bermuda to avoid paying US taxes on it" wasn't in there.

    Don't be evil – Google, 1998

  • aubrey

    I think a little dust got in my eyes when the boy when cerebral palsy walked toward his dad.

    • aubrey


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