Hot Right Now: Monday’s aren’t all that bad with FLBP on the horizon (42 Photos)

Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

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  • TheChris

    #26 Is that Ke$ha?

  • curmudgeon

    #1 not funny – how would you feel it it were you reading it? or do you think of things like that?

    • sarahk

      Pretty awesome. This is my brother, who came out to cheer on me and me friends as we ran a marathon. We laughed hysterically and it lifted everyones spirits. He made lots of friends that day, cheering on runnners he didnt even know! Obviously, he IS the kinda guy who thinks &cares about how other people feel. I wish there were ppl in the world like that!

  • Kitty

    #31 hahahah good luck parents!!

  • resist_boredom

    #24 Legendary

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