Dear God that’s impressive (33 Photos)

  • fucked

    #22 go home table you are drunk

    • Bob

      Your comment is original.

      • fucked

        Thank you Bob, have an excellent day! Drive safe!

    • goglass

      It must be a really strong car aerial

  • Da Nig Nagga

    First is impressive

    • Old Maid

      Wow, struck out there tiger, didn't you?

      • Clarification

        I think it was a statement, not implying he was first. If u scroll down and look at him troll, seems to just be pointing out valid facts

    • TheCanadianGuy

      Less so when you are second.

    • Tom?

      You have low standards for what qualifies as impressive.

    • Oscar

      Are ''Castells'', and is a tradition of Catalonia, Spain.

  • sarah

    #26 wow

    • Seth

      Who is this? It's fascinating.

  • Nat3dawg

    #10 Why yes, that is indeed impressive.

  • GoBeavers

    #3 I've only read about that happening, thought it was an urban legend. Food Porn

    • Cgyachilles

      Why is this impressive?

      • Craig K.

        You've obviously never had a Peanut Butter cup.

    • derek

      i don't get it

      • louistulley

        The bottom chocolate always sticks to the wrapper, which leads you to suck on the wrapper to get it off, making you look like the most disappointing human ever.

        • Puzzled

          Maybe it depends on the climate where it was stored/shipped or ambient temperature where you consume a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup…but I have consumer countless Peanut Butter Cups that came out of the wrapper without sticking to the bottom…now I feel compelled to go buy a few packs and try it out. damnit…I've been eating so healthily recently…

          • Joe

            You gotta keep the peanut butter cup in your pocket. Then it will stick to the wrapper for ya. Hope this helps.

    • Beck

      I still don't get it

    • Turd F.

      Reese's peanut butter cups are my favorite candy, and in all the years of eating them, not once have I ever perfectly removed the wrapper.

    • rhyno85

      I guess I'm confused about this one. What happened that was so impressive?

    • aww shit

      they froze it first

      • louistulley

        Nooooo! I hate when people do that, it makes the peanut butter dry out!

        • MebbeBebbe

          I froze a peanut butter cup with dry ice once. Not quite as fun as you'd imagine.

    • KUJhawklaw

      Clearly shopped. This is not humanly possible.

      • WA chivette

        Uh what? Maybe you people have clammy hands

    • bob

      keep your cups in the fridge/freezer, and this is how they always open.


      • phil

        I have never had a problem achieving this…guess I am a true natural pb cup FUCKIN MASTER,BITCHES!!!!

  • WillieWill

    #5 Mind blown

  • shetakeshervitamins

    #20 Big Ern's son ?

    • Red

      Now there's a fucker that spends too much time at bowling alleys.

  • Da Nig nagga

    Milfs are impressive

  • Joe

    #33 I'd let her ride

    • urinal puck

      Anyone else watch this singing gangnam style. Get outa my head Psy.

    • wantomas

      How do you fit four Hooters girls on a barstool…?

  • AssClown

    I bet #16 can't do #2.

  • sjd

    I would

    • urinal puck

      Yuuuppp. But she wouldn't.

    • UhHuh

      i would sure hope so…

    • Blam

      You say that like she is giving you a choice. .. but whatever makes it easier for you live with. (Btw I totally would too)

  • Da Nig nagga

    Interracial water fountains are impressive

  • Da Nig Nagga

    Real boobs are impressive

    • urinal puck

      They're all real on the outside.

      • wantomas

        And they're all impressive

  • hi mom

    #27 winner!!

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #10 That's a talent I can umm stand behind.

  • Da Nig Nagga

    Donks… Impressive

  • Da Nig nagga

    White chocolate, impressive

  • Reginald von Finkerschnitzel

    #33 My god…

  • ston

    #27 I want to touch them … to you know …..see if they're real

  • Dr.Schmee

    #21 Who are you

    • Tierney4351

      Lisa-Marie from Bodyrock,tv. Fake boobs, lips, nose and botox, yet preaches loving yourself for who you are. Ironically enough, #23 is the woman who started (Zuzana Light)…

      • The Dallas Chivette

        Thanks 🙂

      • Guest

        All those things you listed, are they supposed to be bad? I don't get it.

        • kccoMN

          Yes b/c she started out as a beautiful woman & turned into a plastic surgery junky & looks very fake now!

          • Aggie Girl

            I dunno. She did it because she wanted to and she's happy with the results. So as long as she did it because it was what she wanted and she's happy now, I don't think there's anything wrong with it. (Personally she looks a bit too fake for my tastes). And she claims to feel beautiful now.

            • Judge Mental

              Obviously, to each his or her own, whatever turns you on, etc. I think we're just saying that going under the knife or adding botox to your body and then claiming to love yourself for who you are appears to be more than slightly hypocritical.

  • Da Nig Nagga

    Lakers are NOT impressive

  • Da Nig nagga

    👲👳👮👷💂, no black man – not impressive

  • BGON

    I want to eat my dinner off you…. and then do other things. Like play naked Twister.

  • razz

    #27 are they built for speed or for comfort… Did you do the motorboat?

    • Dr. Beardface

      you motor boating son of a bitch, you

  • m.c.

    I watched #33 for way longer than should be acceptable…. And I don't care.

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