Every man’s ideal girlfriend (26 Photos)

  • aceldama

    Girls like that out in the world and I haven't been able to find one like that? Well, you sure started my day out depressingly.

  • Ralph

    Some of you say it stops after marriage. Tell that to my level 30 Nord and fem Shep wife of 3 years and counting. I'm a lucky man and I love you, Steph.

    • KCCO

      Difference is that you probably still treat your wife like you did when she was your girlfriend, or maybe better.

  • txag12

    #12 #24 and #26
    Gentlemen, lock that down, you have no idea how lucky you are!

  • matt

    wasn't this same post on caveman circus?

    • Leave

      Wasn't this the same comment as above?

  • http://www.addours.com/weird/mans-ideal-girlfriend/ Every man’s ideal girlfriend

    […] Via  thechive.com […]

  • iamboat

    #12 This girlfriend just stuck this poor sap with a shitload of taxes. lol

  • poorrighteousteacher

    Almost all of these creep me the hell out. I think might have a problem with commitment.

  • Sasquatch

    #7 don't do it! It's a trap!

  • mongoose5271

    Damn…for my anniversary my wife got me two bullets, each with my name written on them, and a card that said "Choose one".

  • Canucks_Rule

    #12 – haha, nice local couple. i'm always at this casino. damn, i want a ducati.

    #14 – bacon roses = she's a keeper.

  • Grow Up Kid

    Your girlfriend is your mommy.

  • GI Joe

    #26 Methamphetamine is not even close to blue. FAIL

  • Contra

    Up Down Left Right A B Select Start


    • http://twitter.com/jolange2 @jolange2

      I always f-ed it up like three times before I got it!

  • TXChiver

    #13 "Workout or fuck my face or something"


  • :DDD

    That's it, breaking up with my girlfriend

  • Matrixx_19

    #26 – the BITCH line was awesome and great drawing!!

  • Brian

    Notice how they all said girlfriend. Put a ring on that finger and see if she is still that awesome.

  • uplim

    #7 It's also time to purchase HD programming for your HD TV

  • Parker

    #23 CAN YOU DIG IT !?!

  • Jesse

    It's posts like these that further depress me. Forever alone.

  • McCheddars

    #4, Smoke and a Pancake, that's Tits! Def a Keeper

  • Fasha

    Yeah, right, wait until you marry them… it`s a setup dude!

  • Swan

    # 23

    Reminds me of "The Warriors". Can You DIG IT?

  • Kale Saladah

    Ladies, take notes. Want a good man? Stop being princess-b**ches and start being the kind of life-long companion a MAN would want! It ain't f***ing brain surgery.

  • VaderWRX

    #7 Don't do it bro it's a trap.

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