If you are a tourist in North Korea…this is what you'll see (45 Photos and a thought)


  • Hunter

    Amen, if it wasn't for the sacrifice of American Soldiers Psy and all South Koreans would have no freedom of speech

  • http://www.foob.me/ Ranae Autry

    Comfortably, the article is in reality the greatest on this noteworthy topic.

  • http://www.billige-hausratversicherung-finden.de/ Bronwyn Callender

    I concur with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your upcoming updates.

  • John

    A little more back ground information would have been nice.

  • jOb

    #25 "And this is how hungry I am!!"

  • Taehoon kim

    @ Hunter you forgot to include the 20 other nations that was part of the Korean war initiative.
    Thanks to Americans and all others who fought WITH the Korean troops for freedom.

    So are you a veteran or a godless heathen that just wants to be thanked? I only ask because
    it would be extremely embarrassing for you to make that statement if you never served your nation in any manner, shape or form. Then again it is a thankless job.

    And FYI, Psy is a moron/cynical entertainer that has made numerous idiotic comments like any other "entertainer/singer/dancer/monkey" from any other country. His song "Gangnam style" is actually a very
    cynical song regarding the wealthy and well to do-ers in SK. Funny how everyone eats up Americana and yet complains about the taste. Senseless morons if you ask me.

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