Mother of god, now there are two of them (13 Photos)

  • AvsFanTRD

    Spirituality lessons?….Really…That people actually attend?

  • anotherchiver

    Both at the same time

  • Giggity

    Why is this a thing?

  • John Robert

    Not sure about all the negative comments, but if you take away the odd eye makeup, you have two incredibly hot, shaggable women, especially the one on the right.
    No way ANY man kicks either of these women out of bed.

  • Brett Hall

    Absolutely would…both of them…at the same time.

  • TheVanityScore

    um maybe with the makeup off

  • K-1

    #13: I'm not sure how many men would feel comfortable with their "snake" in those girls' hands!?

  • doug

    one of 'em really likes to present the upper goods in every pic.

  • Brian Wanueka

    Scared…. Thanks chive!!!

  • George

    Im not gonna lie im curious to see what they look like under all that make-up

  • markkens

    tantric sex spirituality class on acid then snuff flick

  • thetech2

    #4 very creepy but every man on here is thinkin the same damn thing just how much would it cost to punch them in the face

  • Kevrhutch

    They should make a porn,,

  • Krupa_Troopa

    #3 reminds me Shaye Saint John that I wouldn't mind having sex with.

  • julio

    do thier mouths open? opes blink?

  • Dick Large

    In a heartbeat. No question about it.

  • Jordan

    It's so messed up to me that people keep saying that they'd fuck them. They don't even look human.

  • SAM1303

    Can i ask why?

  • SAM1303

    I get it, i can ask but you aren't going to tell me!

  • tim

    I bet they probably look normal once you clean all the shit off them and stick them in a chive shirt and some yoga pants

  • Max

    What happens if these two have kids??

  • Rick519

    Put…put ur dick in it…

  • Zoltan

    They still shit.

  • Doctah

    …I like anime. I like girls. These girls trouble me

  • Canucks_Rule

    #2 #9 – only fire can defeat them. that being said, as previous chivers have already said… still totally would.

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