• Starv Marv

    thats something my friends would do … :-/

  • Good Friend

    Those friends are not good friends

  • diiiiick

    That shark just got a big mouthful of piss.

    • Jester

      Or shit

  • ogy mac

    thats the Irish sense of humer

    • Dakota


      • Twhiskey


        • Ty4

          nailed it.

    • shark boy


  • Guest

    fuckin assclowns

  • AndySaximus

    That's not a prank. That's a felony….

  • LeO

    I would of fed that shark my crapped pants

  • ston

    The group of sharks pushed one of their shark friends in front of the boat

  • MonkeyMadness

    Every asshole in the boat would have left the boat with a black eye and/or bloody teeth.

    • yup

      even the girl for laughing

    • Adam

      For sure! That guy took it far better than I would have! Their prank made the internet. My reaction would be the evening news!

    • wow

      omg dude same here. I would pound that dudes face, take control of boat, drive back around and throw his ass in by shark.

    • hasshat

      you americans are too serious for your own good

      • jono

        screw you! I value MY life, dunno 'bout yours…

  • K-1

    He is WAY too cheery after something like that!

    • dalshepsut

      That's cuz he's still alive.

      • Richard Davies

        No, it's because it was a basking shark and they'd been watching it. We do the same here but don't tend to jump in so as not to disturb the gentle giants.

      • K-1

        That would do it.

  • airdance

    I would have left the shark that was pushed in front of the boat with a black eye and/or bloody teeth 😉

  • Rick

    Why were they laughing?
    Just douchebags submitting to peer pressure?
    A so called friend nearly got mauled and they thought it funny?

    Breaking noses time for the kid pushed in, last laugh and all.

    • Richard Davies

      I am replying too much, sorry. But basically it was a harmless basking shark so it was pure fun and in fact just disturbing a gentle giant. Look them up on google. No danger at all and they all knew it hence no fight or wetting of pants.

    • steve

      Just a bit of craic, calm down and lighten up

  • Penelope

    this is not funny. kinda disappointed chive.. :/

    • McBeastie666

      hey guys…Penelope is upset…everyone calm down now. Penelope is not amused.

      • poopman

        Penelope can go shit in her hat.

    • Really?

      I don't think the Chive made this video, Peen-a-lope!

  • GuntherSquirrel

    With friends like that…….. Yeah, you know the rest…

    • MylesofStyles

      ….you should carry a loaded AA-12 at all times?

  • einsteinselbow

    that's the Irish for ya. nothing bad happened which means it's instantly funny.

  • beerich

    I think he crapped his wetsuit

  • Richard

    I must be out of touch with today's youth.

  • Edward Scott

    I was waiting for something worse to happen

  • Kesplat

    The only sharks we get around the British Isles are Basking sharks, which are completely harmless, which is why they were all laughing, including him

    • 2Dogs

      thereare actually 29 kinds of shark in the British Isles… …just sayin…but you are correct, that is a basking shark that feeds on plankton…hilarious prank…non-life threatening

    • Chivette

      Shark is a shark, no matter how harmless. My mind would not detect the difference at the time I'm shoved in with one.

    • einsteinselbow

      I was just going to say that too. sharks around these parts aren't usually dangerous. and let face it. you aren't a real friend unless you make fun of / humiliate/ put someone extreme non life threatening danger .

      • Jen

        it looks like the shark lunged at him, no?

        • einsteinselbow

          I thought that too but before the boat even got there the sharks were at the surface anyways.. probably got freaked out. Irish sharks, probably drunk. (and I'm Irish , just before anyone jumps on that and thinks it's stereotyping)

          • Jen

            that probably isnt even water. its irish whiskey.

            still, fuck. THAT.

            • einsteinselbow

              on closer inspection that indeed does look like whiskey.

              but I agree,fuck that shit. I would have cried like a girl….send then maybe laughed. but definitely cry first . I'm sure the lads are use to though .

  • zezinho

    can u send me the link on youtube??because this link here is not working

  • skoalbucs

    …it all fun & good…..until someone gets eaten by a shark

  • guatarral

    Subtitles needed

  • Pete

    Someone would get a punch in the face X 5

  • Jaymz

    I would have killed those fuckers!

  • Unknown

    Seems legit.

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