• petercoetzee

    Thats a basking shark. Its harmless.

  • Rory O Neill

    I know these lads and it was all a good laugh, its only a basking shark so no teeth. Dave seen the funny side of it and loves the vid. also shark was not hurt KCCO!

  • Heidi

    It's maybe harmless but the shark could have snapped the guy and dragged him down and down.

  • Paul

    "The only sharks we get around the British Isles are Basking sharks, which are completely harmless, which is why they were all laughing, including him" 100% agree

  • Tomffmedic

    There would be an ass whooping dealt when I got back on the boat.

  • ross

    its in ireland we dont have sharks just whale sharks and they arent dangerous

  • maxi

    wrong title, it should not be "guys push friends into …" it should just be "guys push a guy into…" they don't seem really friends….

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