• Wishing the best

    Wish there was something ChiveCharities could do…amazing and inspirational.

  • Camilla

    So beautiful song, and so sad story…. ❤

  • Tell this kid!

    Good Lord, could someone please tell this kid and his parents about pheonix oil (MEDICAL grade marijuana oil)? It has been stopping cancer cells dead in their tracks, and people are emerging cancer free after one series of treatment – none of this kill the patient to kill the cancer and life long "chemo" crap!!!! I may have cancer, am waiting to find out, and I've already decided Pheonix oil is my first line treatment. I won't use radiation and chemo, which has been proven to actually INCREASE cancer cells. Someone tell this kid about this treatment, and direct him to the pheonix oil website. He'll also need a oncologist who will support him in the use of this wonder drug – and that is what it is – a wonder drug. He could still live on if he tries this.

    • NonBrit


      • Tel this kid!

        No, honesty, and a desire to see this kid live when conventional medicine is telling him "no feasable treatments" are left. I went to the childrenscancer website and there was NOTHING on Pheonix oil under ANY of its names, but plenty on radiation, chemo (which, as I said before, a major long term study came out recently that proved chemo leads to a increase, some times viralent, of cancer cells.) and stem cells, which for the most part still require murdered babies. And fuck you about spam. I have been researching this topic like mad over and above what I have already been taught about it because I see my GP as soon as the results come in to see if I have cancer. From the studies I have read and case studies reviewed, all info points towards Pheonix oil working, and it is what I will use. I've got a daughter and no family, she'll have no one if I die, and chemo and radiation kills more than it cures. So FUCK YOU.

  • A.J.R

    Good see the kid in good spirits… prayers to the family

  • Canucks_Rule


  • alex gallegos

    amazing ❤ cancer sucks ! Best wishes to family !

  • Steve

    This kid fucking rocks. I cried over his song. Fight on kid!

  • lat297

    Tears streaming down my face. Such a shame the DAR gets hundreds of views while this gets overlooked.

  • Josh

    You my friend just became immortal, congrats.

  • Duhder

    Lumber in the eye! Dammit! The song is great, and should be featured on every radio station, itunes, tv etc. Let this be his legacy. God Bless

  • Seth

    sad and beautiful. Crying my eyes out.

  • Larence

    I heard about this guy on the radio this morning. I hope he gets his million hits. Good luck bro!

  • James

    Fuck cancer :o(

  • Red

    god speed young man, you are an inspiration

  • Mike in cg

    The kid rocks, yes he is immortal

  • some guy

    Its amazing that beautiful songs such as this aren't on the radio with love and passion instead we hear the everyday American idol katy perry crap. God bless him and his family.

    • Anonymous

      don't forget about the bitches and hoes we hear about all the time.

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