Apparently everybody is planning for the end of the world, this time it’s Noah’s Ark (16 Photos)


  • barry

    still better than reading teh interwebz suppose

  • barry

    apart from boobz

  • barry

    barry loves boobz

  • gurry

    hey every one read what barry and sod are writing


    Come forty days after December 22, the only terrestrial animals on this planet will be the Dutch, and their cats. Good luck world.

    • Van Oranje

      Well one can only dream 😉

  • MoB

    His name is Johan now John and he's a relative of mine

  • zackgonick

    That's one way to spend $1.3 million.

  • invalidusername

    #12 i don't think that's a real tiger

  • Mike

    I guess I'm the only one who thought about Bill Cosby's Noah routine while reading this. "Right, what's a cubit?"

  • alex

    #9 Explains the lack of unicorns and dragons and shit. Too many cows.

  • DAK23

    It's wrong… for one thing, Genesis specified only one window. Also, what a colossal waste of material. How many homeless could have gotten housing from all that wood? How about a school? A hospital? I can see the attraction but, c'mon… priorities.

    • mcleod

      Being a true Christian is a lot harder that building a wooden structure.

  • matt

    I hope there are no little kids on this boat. Thats because he look like jerry sandusky.

  • Eder

    If dragons don't make it on the boat this time around… I'm gonna be pissed.

  • Anomanom

    How do you get all the animal shit out? Seriously that place would have stunk like an open sewer within a few hours.

  • Karl

    If the guy charges everyone as little as a dollar he will make is money back in a yeah.. what a baller

  • Jethro

    So, all the animals of the world lived within walking distance of Noahs house, yeah makes sense.

  • Hypno

    Joe Rogan says it best:

  • wokka

    oh come on…….he didnt build that!!!!

  • Caz

    Well according to the bible, isn't the world supposed to end in fire next? Cause that's not going to help…

    • Ben

      Thats a common misconception. In fact the Earth will not be destroyed. Psalms 37:29/ Ecclesiastes 1:4 God will actually destroy the wicked, just like in Noah's day. This time for good though. I think we can all agree this world is in need of that.2 Peter 3:5-7 Chive on

  • Chiveon!

    Shit, you think getting two of every animal is hard, I dare you to try getting 2 of each of Chive shirts!

  • dibbes

    I went to visit that with my son a few years ago. Its pretty cool actually.

  • booyah

    It's just too bad that it's literally impossible to fit two of every animal on an ark. There's about 10 billion species on our planet.

    • Bahh Humbug

      He was told to take with him 7 pairs of every clean animal and bird and a pair of every other. So take out all insects, fish, rodents, burrowing mammals, etc. and it is indeed…….still ridiculous. Forget that he only enlisted the help of his 3 sons. Forget that he was 2/3rds into his 950 year lifespan. Forget that all human life after the flood was created by 8 people. This totally happened.

  • Bobby Klobber

    20 years and #1.3M……interesting.
    I dont think it took Noah 20 yrs and the equivalent of $1.3M.
    Given that it took this long with modern technology and cost $1.3M it would seem even more unlikely that Noah had the ability or the funds to complete this project.
    SO even more reason to think the story of the flood is just a fable meant to convey a message.
    All well and good but it makes believers in todays age look even more idiotic.
    I hope he is changing the tourists enough to earn a nice profit on this investment…….but thats going to be a lot of dumb ash tourists.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #1 – of course this wasn't a waste of time and money. *face palm*

  • Vriez

    Yeah, and I'm sure he made it all without steel rivets, nails, and modern shaping tools. Now all we need is for god to exterminate every living creature except for Huibers, his family, the couple million animals that'll be on it, and the mythical unicorns — all once Huibers turns 600yrs old like Noah was. Seems legit.

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