Crew of Halo fans build their own real “Warthog” vehicle from scrap (58 Photos)

Via Operationchastity

  • SOV

    But a warthog has steering on both the front and back wheels. This has steering only in the front.

  • sucks2suck

    Question. Is the one at the nerd event the same? why did the steering wheel go from bow tie shape to regular circle?

  • Matt

    I wonder if it is road legal..

  • Jmac


  • Canucks_Rule

    #57 – if i was a gamer, this prob woulda gave me a chubby.

  • Todd

    where is the quad steer???

  • cheezeee

    there is a better one on youtube, and they actually drive it

  • hank

    Where's the 50cal in the back?

  • Redwall

    It's not 4 wheel steer and thus a waste of a landy.

  • Gauguin

    Good Day everyone I am Gauguin from South Africa. I would like to know who has the number for this guy who built the warthog I would like to buy one.

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