• Scott P

    Hi-Larry-Us…..Brilliant…why was this not on the Golden Globe nominations this morning?…a travesty….

  • http://twitter.com/NorCalChiver @NorCalChiver

    man… i effeing hate you guys… no i don't, i'm sorry that was rude

  • Spicy

    best video EVER

  • Pedro Maione

    You guys rock…

  • Pikesville

    This video is very funny. Good idea!

  • Andrew

    Chive needs more original content. That was great!

  • Matt


  • Canucks_Rule

    that is seriously some awesome production!!

  • CPT Spalding


  • Smashy

    Bravo Chive, Bravo. Slow clapping all around. Bravo.

    But if you brought her here to Canada, she could legally drink booze instead of the roofie laced apple juice you're giving her.

  • rap

    Greatest Chive produced video EVER!

  • adrian

    funniest clip ever…makes me proud to be aussie!!

  • PnB

    Mac is a fuckin' genius and you are wrong. But I will give you credit for one thing – you made LG show up. Any post with LG is a good post, even if it is just in the comments.

  • Leucifer

    F**kin AWESOME!

  • Alex


  • Jonathan

    I'm pretty sure theChive just won the internet.

  • Billyshootingblanks

    THE Official Chivette. No one else could compete. Smile, minding the gap, FLBP, hump day all in one crazy stupid hot Chivette. The smile crushes it.

  • Bear

    I've watched this 58 times so far…

  • Tuna can Chode

    Normally I hate that c$&k sucker Mac…but this video deserves a "well done sir!!"

  • zerokiwi

    Say what you want about Mac. I envy his life… Oh chive…

  • Vez


  • Jake_Dragon

    Michelle you are just so sexy, more need more!!

  • Deuillevent

    Absolutely crazy and she obviously accepted to play the game! Great

  • Philip

    Ha ha ha ha ha new level of forever alone

  • JoeyTwoThumbs

    I just watched this 6 times in a row….she is so money even more than actual money, her legs are heaven with feet….funny vid — thats the way i always eat pancakes — legs legs legs wiggle wiggle damn

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