Que? (30 Photos)

  • Scott P

    #7 mmmmmm, blood family stew…..Now with carrots!…

  • Dr. Evil

    #25 actually looks awesome!

  • Word

    #10 uhhhh not really funny that all old man is a pervert that is into auto-erotic asphyxiation. Kinda fucked up chive

    • MonkeyMadness

      uh… you realize that the old man is not real?

  • Word

    guess #10 is actually a doll holding a doll… WTF?!

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  • BlackKat

    #27- Meh, It's just your typical aftermath of Black Friday. Sure there's still armed marauders lurking about the aisles, but they usually hang around until 6 PM and buy a dinky little air freshener……….cheapskates

  • BlackKat

    #14- So THIS is the person schizophrenics talk to when walking down the street. It all makes perfect sense now.

  • BlackKat

    #24- Whoa, I didn't know Spongebob did a guest stint on The Walking Dead?

  • BlackKat

    #16- Crewmember: Dear God Sir! There's a giant rabbit eating the moon!
    Captain: What? Oh my! The rare and elusive Space Hare. He does that to impress a mate. Note the
    nose flares to attract potential females.
    Crewmember: But Sir! He's endangering the planet! I'm arming the laser cannons. We have to put a
    sto- *crack*
    Captain: Shhhhhh shh shh Let them breed. Let them breed………..

  • jess

    #7 you pop out the kid in the pool, but for the love of God, why have hubby and the older kids get in? Screwed up!

  • Javi14

    super wrong. nastiest shit ive ever seen in a long long time, and trust me i have seen some shit man!

  • Javi14


  • Mark13Baby

    #7 Really? How fuc**** disgusting. This world really is coming to an end!


    #7 is so f-ing nasty! grossed out for the rest of the day.

  • northerner

    There is far too much EWWWWW in this post. Wish I could un-see it. Bleah.

  • MohawkJon

    These only raise more questions!?!?

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