The Chivers send in their Holiday cards (46 Photos)

Last week we did a callout for the Chivers to send in their classiest Holiday cards, and you all delivered. And by delivered, I mean over 3,000 submissions. There's a lot of holiday spirit in the Chive community this year. Enjoy!

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  • runswithbeer

    Definitely a "GAY" themed post

  • YOYO

    #39…close enough

    • MonkeyMadness

      Apparently it's not as sunny in Ohio.

  • Doesn'treallyloveit

    Man, it's a freaking sausage party in this post!! Daggum pepperidge farms.

  • My_my_my

    Aquaman has let himself go – Aqualad has a ponytail?

  • Katie


    I salute you and the honesty

  • Guest

    Funny hasn't been raped so hard since the last "goofy girls" thread.

  • Michelle

    #13 Best!! xoxo

  • gingergreek

    Everytime I listen to Chris Rheas' Driving home for Christmas I can't help but replace Driving with Chiving home for Christmas. Maybe the Chive should adopt that for their Christmas song?

  • freddy boy

    Never seen so many gays.

  • Jen&Juice

    #13 is perfection.
    Hilarious, would love to hang out with these guys. ❤

  • FunKiller

    #26 She looks pretty damn good for having three kids drop out of her…….sorry to the husband, no disrespect intended.

    • Gozer

      You're assuming all three are her biological children.

    • MonkeyMadness

      Maybe she's the young hot baby sitter and mommy isn't home yet.

  • Rachel

    Though I love #41 I have to say #26 is the best card Ever!

  • aaa

    love #26

  • SacstateSig

    #41 IN HOC!!!!

    • Smaggerdad

      Latin? Signo vinces?

  • tv_paul

    #10#13#40#41 Well, they certainly are making the Yuletide Gay.

  • LBF 4 ever

    holy shit

  • Ben Runkel

    In Hoc #41

  • Dave

    Hahah these were awesome

  • brian


  • MerryChristmasToMe

    #13 hottie on the potty.. THAT SMILE!! You've made the top of my Christmas list. Just bring that candy cane and less clothes, and I'll make sure to play with my present all day long!

  • Dew Shbag

    #23 sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gay

  • steve

    not enough Chivettes n to much "now we don our gay appearel"

  • K-1

    #26: Nice setup they have there!

  • Sarah

    #13, Boise State guys are the best

    • Ryan

      Looks like Bemidji State to me…still the best though!

  • Cgyachilles

    #34 I'd like to see more of the girl in the front on the right

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