The coolest mayor in the world has a daughter…(39 Photos)

  • Kenny

    I liked it better at the top of the album before I knew she could kick my ass… but then I said fuck it I don't care

  • Teddy Jenner

    a couple things-

    1- yes PLEASE
    2- ANY TIME
    3- so you've been posting her in posts and had no idea her dad was the coolest mayor in the world? then put the pieces together then all of a sudden have an entire post?!?! dumb fakin luck!

  • red

    No… just… no 😦

  • zackgonick

    Although I'm not a fan of women who take bobybuilding to the extreme, I think this girl has found a good balance of weights and fitness. I think she looks great, and that is even without her martial arts bumping her up a few spots.

  • CrossFit

    #14 is awesome.

  • thegoddamnfirelizard

    Does her makeup like a 70 year old woman.

  • yermon


  • Rob

    #7 #14 #37 Before the boob job,.. Best

    • oughtnot

      I agree ….

  • Canucks_Rule

    #1 #32 – je-sus, take me now!!

  • jamie

    i feel like you have two choices ; try to hit that and get punched in the teeth or actually hit that and get punch in the teeth.

  • Derek Saccoccio


  • Erik

    Was WAY better before the fake boobs and nasty tats

  • Keith

    She is awesome!

  • Keith

    Margaret is awesome!

  • Cody

    Anyone else notice the man hands in #10?

  • cheeese

    #21 #20 hey guys, what beach is that

  • garr

    Yes please!

  • Jerry Seinfeld


  • Filbur

    I picture myself kneeling in front (or behind) her

  • nuccabay

    she could skip a few leg days, but very nice

  • M&M

    You're a loser losing faith.

  • 757 Beach Local

    #8 what form, amazing

  • richarac

    And a very good nope to you madam-

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