There aren’t many things more beautiful than a bare back (38 Photos)

  • Dan

    I know one thing more beautiful than a bare back. A bare front.

    • Where's Dildo

      I quit working at started jacking off. Fantastic post… in my pants.

  • 3Monkeys

    #27. #37. Very,very, very nice.

  • rgh

    #26 Dick's a lucky man

    • Chuk

      Well played sir!

    • Squid Tabor

      You beat me to it *tips hat*.

      • fuck u bitch

        who the fuck cares if he beat u to it . fucking fagott

        • Jack Wagon

          Damn, you mad bro? Did your ol' lady tell you that your brother has a way bigger dick than you or what? Don't be so ass hurt.

    • ass lover

      could be better if it said i love anal

    • MrHat

      Yes, that Richard fellow sure has himself a classy lady.

  • Mr. Somewhat Awesome

    Baby got back

    • SOhioChiver

      #2 #23 #32

    • Humptastic

      #11 gotta love loyal Chivettes. Do it best!

  • txbncntr

    Son of a bitch…..I can't deal with this, this early in the morning. Thank you ladies.

  • passwordistaco

    #27 FTW! Specks, Dimples, Gaptastic! Made my day…..

    • Jon

      She looks like our couples' therapist…or at least how I imagine our therapist looks like naked.

    • Angel Eyes

      Specks are the first thing on your list?

  • @morosz3


  • Jeff

    #2 Fantastic!

    • Jon

      best picture i've seen on the chive.

    • bcanddc

      I want one!

  • oclvtrek

    #27, #36 Back dimples!!!


    #26… I'd say that was enough proof to admit it was consensual.

    • Hry

      Rape joke not funny asshat

      • GatOner

        Shut up.

        • Hry

          Top comeback bro. Shows your intellect

    • Jon

      This is one classy chick.

      • Jack Wagon

        Love the tramp stamp to go with the fuck me panties

  • pNUTS

    to everyone at the and the community… thank you for this post. it made my morning

  • Joe

    Twinkies maybe

  • Porkins

    God I love women #4

    • JJ_More

      Heck Yes!!! This one was a real turn on. What a tease.

  • OhioChiver

    #35 Dear Destin,
    Dude, turn OFF the computer more often and pay some friggin attention!

    • justChive

      yeah holy smokes, Dear Loving Girlfriend- If you really want to get his attention I think we all need a whole lot MOAR.

    • Dr Facetious

      That's amazing! Thanks, Charlotte Molly!

    • jack

      hahaha, seriously, I feel like my g.f. my pull this on me as well. appreciate what you have, before you know it she may be on the new single chivettes lol

      • Justin Cider

        99% chance she's a bitch that thinks her shit don't stink and won't give it up anyway…true story

        • techno_viking

          Sounds like Justin has problems getting laid…

    • Bud

      Dear Destin,
      Your name is gay

      • GatOner

        Agreed. Bad name.

    • F3n1x187


    • Danno

      Hey Destin, I'm admiring your girlfriends ass for you. You're welcome

    • Jonny

      He must be a real duche

      • @Tim_Coverdale


  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    Talented on multiple levels

    • Simon

      She hasn't got a clue what she's doing.

      • Mike

        And the best part is that it doesn't matter.

      • Jon

        I always wonder why the photographer sets up these scenes…does her fake piano playing somehow add to her sexiness?

        • James

          Mostly naked woman fingering ivories isn't sexy to you?

  • Mac

    “Have-a, have-a look, one pound fish. Very, very good, very, very cheap, one pound fish

  • dagleja3

    #38 – The Incomparable, SJU!

    • fact

      big ass

  • Alyn

    #38 naked yoga!!

    • techno_viking

      The only way to yoga….

  • yoyo

    Didn't get past #2

    • Jon

      I didn't either. That's an unreal body.

  • maboze1x

    #37 Tender skin… Like! And more!!!

    • SOhioChiver

      yes that's some of that tender skin we like to see…pay attention ladies, guaranteed way to get our attention

    • Bart

      Stevie Janowski: This is awesome, you can totally see straight through the butthole right into the pussy, man. That is awesome.

      Kenny Powers: Yeah, man. I don’t think those two things are connected.

  • YYC_Chiver

    #18 Go Riders!

    • Regina chiver

      Go riders we want moar regina chiver

      • Moose Jaw

        Saskatchewan broads love it in their bum.

    • help

      ride her rough ….

    • chad

      I from Winnipeg Manitoba so I bleed Blue and Gold. But I will make an exception for this pic.

    • Jross

      Hope your cousin is not too mad about sender in a photo of her in. Enjoy the banjo bowl next year in our new stadium.


    #32 YESSSS

  • WileEOne

    #1 I'd rather see her play with my organ…

  • Razz

    #26 hey I have one of those!

    • Canucks_Rule

      me too!!

      • Kimmy

        Set up a play date!

  • Jeff

    #35 if Destin doesn't I will gladly admire that fine ass you have worked so hard to obtain!

    • SOhioChiver

      "you should be kissed and often and by someone who knows how"

      • DeepestBlue

        Wow, quoting Gone With The Wind?

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