Those dresses never looked happier (42 Photos)

  • Tim

    A fine post

    • MonkeyMadness

      That's what she said.

    • charlotte molly

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    • Trevor Muxlow

      This is my favorite post!!

  • momo19256

    love it

    • Brian

      #9 #30 #32 Smokeshows

  • BradK

    Wow that dirty dress is so loud!

  • Yep

    Got to be my favorite post on here. Well second to hump day.

    • Just a Guy

      Please make this a weekly post. Please. I beg you.

  • MattyDeuce

    #1 there needs to be a second shot from the 3 o'clock angle 😉

    • hpph00

      And all the other angles.

    • yaya

      google Vanessa Colvett

    • Major Tom

      and a video of the 3am activities

  • Wet_tosti

    #22 i just humped my monitor at the work and i regret nothing!

    • Dave

      Yes. They should have saved that one for "The End"

  • MattyDeuce

    #3 And this girl is my absolute favorite…she is beautiful!

    • ada

      Is that frankie from the saturdays??

    • Brian

      Beautiful, and that's less of a dress and more of a misdemeanor in fabrique.

    • SteveT

      She, by far, is the hottest girl on here. She's sexy not slutty. I would take her home to Momma and treat her like gld.

    • Manly

      That's a real lady there. Sexy and elegant at the same time.

      • Jason J

        Couldnt agree more she is the hottest one for sure .
        Please chive find her for us we want more

    • zackgonick

      Agreed. I think the land of Chive would be a better place if she were found quickly.

      She's stunning.

    • a-whole

      Nah, hair's too short…..

    • miiike

      WE.MUST.FIND. most beautiful thing ive ever seen

    • What_Tha


  • Andyyyyyyy

    #16 Are we sure this one belongs in here?

    • DerJöe

      is this even a woman?

      • jasgat66

        Thought it was a guy…

    • Diesel

      :Austin Powers Voice – "Thats not your mother its a MAN baby!"

      • Justin

        lol…exactly what went through my head when I saw that..

    • Michael

      It's a dude!!!!

      • goner

        definatly a dude

    • d'oh!

      Dude looks like a lady

    • MonkeyMadness

      I would bet one American dollar that this is a dude! It's gotta be. 😦

    • guest

      Tuck and roll, tuck and roll.

    • 1 and Done

      Biggest dick in de world!

    • poopman

      i would still let him cum in my butt.

    • Herbie

      She's got a Lois Einhorn thing going on…

      • techno_viking

        Einhorn is Finkle?

    • Rollo Tomassi

      She pees standing up

    • Scuba_Steve33

      DUDE!!!! Yeah… literally!

    • smak910

      it wears underwear with dick holes

    • carlos

      are you sure that's a female?

    • PankyHams

      she looks like that meme with the big ass face, i forget which one it is but y'all know what i'm talkin about

  • Bjw9013

    #4 her legendary level of hotness almost makes up for the twilight poster in the background….

    • Drew

      This girl is the cutest one.

    • JP

      Poster? Oh…

  • Tiber_Septim

    #3 's dress looks pretty freakin happy to me, she's hot 'n sexy

    • MonkeyMadness

      She's absolutely adorable!

    • Slobbs

      Slobs, she's to young for you Stan

      • Shepard Wong

        yeah so what's your point?!HA

  • Daniel Aaron Evans

    I almost like these posts more than FLBP.

  • heath

    picture number three you are absolutely gorgeous.

    • help


  • Abe Froman

    #40 Nicely done!

    • SOhioChiver

      that's the way I'd leave her…nicely done.

    • Rubberbandman

      Shoudl b in FLBP also. Damn!

  • K-1

    #32: This looks painted on! Danggg

    • realio

      a reminder that the female form can embody other-worldy beauty, washed in a speechless real

      • K-1

        very eloquently stated!

        • M-ley

          Sophie Turner. Your welcome

          • kcco-pgh

            Looks like this is shopped a bit.

            • K-1

              im curious to see where you think it's been photoshopped? i didn't notice anything at first glance…

          • K-1


    • Advert Vet

      Unless that's the crew setting up for a porn shoot, I don't know what a woman like that is doing under a freeway. That just screams "gang rape" to me.

      • K-1

        Or just a fancy photoshoot, perhaps?

  • Jemike5

    #3 Killer Quads. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

    • Frank

      For the love of all that is holy, FIND HER!!!!!

    • kcco-pgh

      Yep… smokin'

  • MonkeyMadness

    #20 Surprise kitchen butt sex in 3…2….1…

    • George Zip

      I expected to see the Brazzers logo on this pic…

    • SOhioChiver

      This lady has a fantasssstic ass. MOAR!

      • MonkeyMadness

        Yes. Yes she does! I'd spank it! 😀

  • MonkeyMadness

    #34 She's a super freak, you know, the kind you don't take home to mother.

    • Jezza67

      Great. Thanks. Now I can't get that song out of my head.

      • Prince

        Those lyrics are under copyright.

    • Roland

      That's super freaky.

  • alex

    #3 more! #16 looks like you work out 😉

    • Eliminator

      #16 almost has man like qualities wouldn't you say?

  • Swarley

    #11 #30 #39

    • Anjin-San

      #11 is Nina Senicar

    • SOhioChiver

      I don't come to this site to look at supermodels.
      Dear Chive in this type of post, please only post user submissions.
      Thank You

      • CountZero

        I have to agree. I can see famous chicks anywhere online, but Chivettes…only here! More Chivettes-only posts!!

      • justsoyaknow

        +1. Started out as possibly the best post ever, then 11 came along on a red carpet, and it turned into just the best post of the day. Pics lime #2 #4 #10 #34 are the kind of stuff you can't get just anywhere.

        Btw, great photo bomb in #24

    • Sofa_King_Awesome

      #39 is melanie Iglesias

      • Guest

        Any guy on this site who doesn't know that already has to have his man card permanently revoked.

        Happiest dress of the bunch.

  • Lint6

    We need a latex dedicated post sometime…

  • tatt2iwHCH

    #3 and #35 yup and oh my god

  • Dick Whitman

    #34 and #35 are fantastic!

    • Justin Cider

      #34 makes me tingle in my special place!

  • p1ll

    #3 is hot , but I think her knee cap has dropped

    • dude 2

      Dropped kneecap, 2/10 would not bang

  • nick

    #10 and #12 are cute
    #14 is hot
    # 34 is damn sexy
    #37 gorgeous
    #39 come on? how can you not love Melanie Iglesias

  • smh

    #37 has a ring on the finger. . . a single tear is rolling down my face

    • ShadowChiver

      I don't think Ashley Greene is married…Correct me if I am wrong =)

      • dude 2

        She is not married, but if you want to be Eskimo brothers with Joe Jonas then go for it…

    • Levian

      So she is Ashley Green? I was gonna ask who she is, I know someone who looks just like her

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