• Soap_Star

    Very disappointing.

    • Me not so gusta

      hahahaha, I'ma need a doubleshot of espresso with that….

  • Applefish

    Very well done.

  • pawn star


  • roy

    3 minutes I'll never get back…

  • patrick907

    Made me smile

  • http://www.facebook.com/BlckLotus Tommy Dang

    DOES anyone have the English version?

  • Tom

    This shit is hilarious

  • Tim

    the entire bane outtakes was a lot better

  • MonkeyMadness


    • Anotherwes

      Winner winner chicken dinner

  • Hobbson

    How did they sync up his mouth to the audio so well?

  • Kahless

    Oddly enough i usually hate this kinda thing, but this was pretty cool, lol.

  • Nevenem

    lil Bane…

  • Anonymous

    Insane in the mem-Bane

  • Derp

    You're so Bane, you probably think this song is about you.

  • Johnny Cage


  • gameoverjc

    Entire youtube video is hilarious:

  • lowercase_ryan
  • Jordan

    Brutal just fucking terrible

  • Starky

    What a shitty video..

  • Tdangle

    You suck!

  • Robert

    Have a sense of humor and then you will have permission to laugh.

  • wordscramble

    That went on a little longer than necessary… oh no wait i'm thinking of THE WHOLE FUCKING MOVIE.

  • Jay

    I like the beat, is it from a real song?

  • http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ken-klinvex/b/603/6b5 Ken Klinvex

    I'm the "back-up" Rapper in your "Gotham's Newest Rapper? Bane Freestyle" video. Thanks for changing my image from a "Mean Mercenary" to a "Cool Rapper". All my friends have been sending it to me since I have such a prominent part in your video. Great job!

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