You can’t explain that (43 Photos)

  • Tim

    The most elegant of posts

    • Jen

      so much WTF going on.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #40 I'm just fine without knowing WTF they are or what they are doing

    • Zappa
      • Bluesman

        • Chris

          Well that didn't make me even more confused.

        • the credible hulk

          got some deadly levals of fivehead going on.

      • Craigery

        I like Grimes.

        • Craigery

          Grimes is the blonde singer, not that pink-haired freak in the video.

          • bcanddc

            I would put the wood to the pink haired freak!

      • Phill

        I already knew that one, my mind almost exploded of WTF! I was looking for a video of Genesis (Phil Collin's) not this random bs.

    • Back from the Dead

      I just assumed Burning Man when I saw it, because the terrain, dress and antics all fit Burning Man perfectly.

      • bcanddc

        My thought exactly! Great minds think alike.

  • K-1

    #16: This would be a pretty funny live show to watch!
    #31: Could be the Asian version of the movie "Teeth"…

    • bamma man

      #31 Tokyo gore police, amazing movie.

      • K-1

        Thanks for the heads up

    • Kevin

      I didnt know natalie portman was into air sex

  • Perhapsamint


    What so difficult about explaining my ex?

    • Shade

      it's from Tokyo Gore Police you should check it out. There's lot of crazy thing like this

    • Jason

      The film is Tokyo Gore Police. A sort of ultra gore surreal film. Worth watching.

  • p1ll

    #31 now that is a wicked snatch

  • Garret

    #15 This entire post is odd but 15…WTF?

    • MikeOverHere

      Find them!

      • RH12
        • BAC

          Fuck dude, there are some bat shit crazy people out there, and you just pointed me towards their leaders.

    • dorkfish

      I see nothing wrong here. That bitch should feel lucky that her mistress isn't making her crawl.

      • Craigery

        The "chair" is probably a dude.

  • daryablo

    is #12 Jack Palance back from the dead? I hope so!

    • guest

      Ken Babbs, one of the original Merry Pranksters.

    • Bart

      Believe it…or not!

  • derp

    #17 Insane Clown Posse new members?

  • passwordistaco

    I don't know what bothers me more, that somebody would buy #2 or the fact someone knew it would sell.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #38 How many of you watched this for a couple of minutes thinking it was a gif? 😛 I did.

    • MonkeyMadness

      Hank you very little.

  • jasgat66

    #25 Looks like the boy is grabbing his junk there… Pretty sad that I noticed that.. Ugh

    • Professor Squeegee

  • EggSauceTed

    #2 Is not a real shark.

    • MonkeyMadness

      I'm still not getting in the water with it.

    • todd

      Land Shark

  • DaGODFather

    #30 Going to work at Apple!

    • ShakeyTheMoil

      Or buying Apple?

  • Latrobechiver

    not even on a drunken bet…..#31

  • Hrdwood

    #31 Challenge accepted… I've seen worse…

    • UhHuh

      So you must have banged Snooki or Kim Kardashian.

      • urinal puck

        There is only one thing worse, a blue waffle.

  • Jezza67

    #35 It has been far too long since I've been baked enough to think to myself: "You know, I'm going to photoshop Sigourney Weaver's head onto a bird and then post it on the 'net.".

  • HillbillyNinja

    #7 No more Robot Chicken for you.

  • jugger-nuggss

    Rhis is one of my favorite posts ever

  • Nick

    I wish i didn't click this one

  • roger

    #39 this was a fad a few years ago. i don't know why people do shit without thinking about it.

    • Craigery

      But just think… if people DIDN'T do dumb shit without thinking about it, how boring would the internet be?

    • nogoodpunkrocker

      It's actually a good way to keep dogs/cats from knocking the trees over.

  • ImpressMe

    #36 The clingy girlfriend coat…. even when shes not with you its just like shes still f&*^ing there….

  • skoalbucs

    I'm beyond comment… day is now FU

  • Doogie

    #26 Actually you CAN explain this

  • Cookie

    I had to stop and stare @ #37…. thought it was Courtney Cox.

    • thom

      Isn't it?

      • Boondock

        Jared Leto.

  • Latrobechiver

    #15…. still would

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