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  • A gentleman

    You, sir, are a royal class douchebag. No doubt you're compensating for an extremely meager natural endowment of personality, physique, or both. Please crawl back under the rock you came from (or your parents' basement, from which you no doubt plan to move out any day now.)

  • jim

    dear merica, when will u learn that the "right to bare arms" is fuckin retarded?????? fuck u america…………. also gods not real

    • Gusto

      Not sure if you were being intentionally hilarious or just that bad with grammar.

    • Jerry

      Hey man, I'll be keepin my sleeveless jean jacket thank you very much! No one can take that away from me

    • kjk

      your right gods not real but God is no one understands why. But evil is evil and good is good and crazy is @#$%!ing crazy. I cry for the children and families and do not understand why but never give up faith

      • TheJoeGreene

        *you're *God's *???

  • mattyvegas

    the joe greene must be a sad, lonely little bitch to talk as much shit as you do. no one cares about your loser opinions. hateful punk. your losing at life.

  • Beezelboob

    #35 Um, no thanks… I prefer my women to look like women, not dudes.

    • whoami

      What about her even slightly resembles a dude

      • someAFguy

        I think what he was trying to say is that she is not overweight, so he doesn't find her attractive.

  • Smitty16

    #16 #44 #53 WOW!! That's all I've got….

  • Jefferson

    Who is the chick in #16?

    • Matt

      Lucy Pinder

      • Jeff


  • LBF 4 ever
  • Jay2theJay

    #53 Humna humna humna….

  • Petra

    Have you guys read the news today?
    In light of todays events, perhaps you should remove #27. I'm all for some light hearted distraction, but come on…

    • notgood

      Reposting this comic is definitely in bad taste. Chive, you're better than this aren't you?

    • Chanda

      I was thinking the exact same thing. In light of the tragedy that has happened, this just isn't funny.

  • Jerry

    lol, obvious troll is obvious

  • Chillbro Swaggins

    haven't been on this site for quite some time. Honestly, the quality has gone down quite a bit. I'm sure many loyal chivers will lambaste me for saying this, but damn, it's getting to be quite a far cry from what it was a couple years ago.

  • John Robert

    #20 #28 #30 #44 #48 #53
    Where are all these beautiful women in real life? They seem more fantasy than reality.
    These women are absolutely beautiful. Where were they back when I was single?

    • Anotherwes

      Helps if you leave your basement…

  • Look alex!

    hey fuckin alex….'says a person thats never been shot at and almost died and killed people himself.' thats right you stupid mother fucker. congrats on your genetics though…i did that shit in high school and it was hard enough as is in only high school

  • falacer

    Number 27 needs to be taken down!

    • MonkeyMadness

      I'm sure it's an oversight. I was about to accuse them of being insensitive dicks but they have done some amazing charity work so I know they care about kids.

  • falacer

    Who is #28

    • Seb

      Nina Senicar

  • Moop

    Who the hell is #28 ? She's damned hot.


    #53. All the PORN Addicted CHIVERS !!! Who is this??

  • SEAoverBUF

    #44 Get in the car Bitch , it's time you get some In-N-Out burger.

  • RGoodell

    #20. Now Kiss

  • MDSerles

    #11 #28 Beautiful….just beautiful……geez

  • Muff Meister

    #28 Will. You. Marry. Me.

  • l3urnsy

    #16 i know my next background

  • lucsev

    #39 Dat comic sans!

  • mr.

    #11 would like a lot more of her

  • MonkeyMadness

    #27 Why did you have to post this as best photo of the week on today of all days? Not cool Chive, not cool at all. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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