Daily Morning Awesomeness (40 Photos)

  • LeO

    Truly mans best friend

    • Guest

      Looks like he has experienced a little hair loss over the years..

      • Duhder

        You are a Douche

        • Wax

          To hell with dogs

    • Guest

      What type of dog? Collie?

      • guest

        Border Collie…..have 3, best dogs EVER!

    • Whale

      #39 Awesome.

      Owners + Players…Figure this shit out and play hockey, you assholes!!!!

      • MylesofStyles

        Fuck hockey. I honestly hope that when they do make a deal, nobody shows up to watch.

        • Yeahhh

          I always kinda liked you, until now. I bet you are a soccer fan.

          • MylesofStyles

            I'm flattered, but homie don't play that shit. Regardless, I'm a hockey fan that's had enough of this bullshit. Four lockouts in the past ten years? Come on man. We, the fans, pay their salaries, which means we're their fucking bosses. Go tell your boss you're not going work anymore and see what happens. Both the players and owners need to be taught a lesson. I'm sure it won't happen, but it should. The NHL and NHLPA are an embarrassment to professional sports. And yes, I'm a soccer fan as well, so sue me.

            • Yeahhh

              I agree, it's complete bullshit. We have been Ducks season ticket holders since the franchise started. I'm sick of not getting to watch hockey.

            • Helena

              I might bluster and rage like this about how unfair and stupid and greedy the NHL and NHLPA are (which they ARE), but mostly I just want to watch my Lightning play again. God, I miss hockey. 😦

  • james ladinson


  • Tiber_Septim

    #5 #6 #7 animals can be so cool and loving

    • Anonymous

      i completely agree with what you said but i think 6 broke into the dudes house….

    • http://twitter.com/mikeydangerous @mikeydangerous

      And #5 Allison Williams can be so hot

  • roda

    #8 can hunt me anytime!!

    • Mr Smith

      Freddie Cougar?

    • B-to-the-H

      Wet Dream On Elm Street

    • uplim

      thumb down for using "bahaha"

    • chivester

      I wonder if all her clothes look like that? must be tough getting dressed


    Merry Christmas from Newfoundland to all Newfoundlanders, Canadians, and our friends south of the border. Chive on!

    • Naughtyknott

      Chive on from Calgary!

    • OK Chiver

      Merry Christmas from Oklahoma, KCCO!

    • saskmedic

      Chive on and Merry Christmas from Saskatchewan!

      • Slobbs

        Hey hey! Chive on from Saskatoon!

    • Who've known?

      Canadians celebrate Christmas? Da fuq?

      • chivester

        of course…where do you think Santa lives?

        • Yuppp

          The North Pole, not Canada.

    • Almoney13

      Merry Christmas from Oshawa Ontario! KCCO!

    • tiborpickens

      chive on from Poco, BC

  • MattyDeuce

    #31 you know how I know?

    • timbo

      Unless he just got a sext of boobs…

      • DDD

        There are sexts happening all around him…

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_


      – the one you love to date

    • Firefighter23

      Could be gay.

      • tkc

        That is what I was thinking. It is a gay bar. Two lesbian chicks are making out and the gay guy doesn't care. Instead he is texting his boyfriend about the fashion faux pas of the guy in then sweater with the elbow pads. The text reads, "My gawd, there is a guy from 1972 in front of me."

    • Ya Know

      Or he is setting up to take pictures

      • what

        or looking at the picture he just took

    • Awesome

      There is an excuse. It's called narcissist. My brother is like that. We take him to the lady peelers and he just sits there facebooks and texts everyone about it. Lame.

      • http://www.moogit.org Moogit

        Maybe your brother has figured out that paying women to get you sexually frustrated while sitting next to a bunch of dudes is really lame.

        • Awesome

          Says the guy who most likely has Selena Gomez on his twitter feed………

        • Durth Verdurr

          Wait wait wait!!! You get sexually frustrated by going to the strippers? BAHAHAAHAHAHA That explains a lot of your opinion.

        • off2drink

          Says the guy who pays/buys his girlfriend stupid stuff for valentines and sweetest day, only to have to deal with her bitching.

  • jdubslc

    #31 he's looking at his twitter…tweeting "ermagherd! Dat gerl liks the erther gerls berbs!"

    • DDD

      He is actually tweeting "I wish Steve was here so we could make out too"

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_


      – the one you love to date

      • Yuppp

        Quit giving yourself a thumbs up Paula.

  • PdxChiver

    #36 Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs…

    • Carl

      That's actually badass!

    • tdog

      yippee ki yay mother fucker

  • kokuryuha

    #5 I'd seal that deal too

    • twagholio

      Caution sealpry when wet!

    • ShakeyTheMoil

      arrgh arrgh

    • gclark

      Id hope youd get her fathers seal of approval first.

    • Nomore Puns

      There is no ceiling to their relationship

    • chacunsongout

      "seal that deal?" You can have the seal, I'll be leaving with that hottie girl


      I seal what you did there

  • Tiber_Septim

    #23 Keene NH represent awesome college town

  • Robzombie

    #6 Oh deer. Sorry I couldn't resist

    • Yuppp

      It's ok, I forgive you.

  • gclark

    #7 Time has taken its toll on his hairline.

    Time, mans worst enemy.

    • Jay

      His hairline? That's what you take away from these photos? Get a hold of yourself.

  • http://www.facebook.com/SnyderAndrew Andrew Snyder

    #21 yea, it's definitely weird how hot some of those Disney characters are

    • Richard

      Yes, that's exactly what that photo was getting at…

    • brandon

      da fuq…?

    • Jahnny

      Jasmine FTW

      • ZachBob

        Accidentally downvoted you. My apologies.

        • asd

          I upvoted, everything back to normal

  • jathor

    ole, ole ole ole!!!!!!

    • Asshole


    • jathor

      Not even close…….Its a hockey thing

      • Asshole

        I think you have pretty bad timing on that one then.

        • jathor


  • The Bandit

    #7 the reason I own a dog and not a cat
    #8…is welcome in my dreams any time

    • Lame

      We get it, you are cool because you have a dog..

  • SUPer4Life

    #36 Yippee-ki-yay mutha fucka…

    • jordan

      Happy trails….

  • pimpninjaa

    #12 MeeeeegggggaaaaaaaDesk!

  • xjrich

    surprised #14 isnt driving

    • bollyver

      When I first discovered the Chive I thought "butter face" referenced this scenario.

    • Firefighter23

      I can drive with my dick. Can't you?

    • Kells

      I swear I see white women tweezing eye brows and putting on makeup while they are driving. Seriously? Don't let me get on the texting and driving..it needs to stop

      • Yaaaap

        The worst is when it's an Asian woman.

  • Mikey Mack

    #8 If you ejaculate in your dreams…you ejaculate in REAL LIFE

    • Pokes

      Definite +1. How do you not have more likes for that comment?

    • Don113

      "We have to go deeper!"

    • Matt

      Okay, you win for comments today. 🙂 You rock, sir.

  • Castle Owner


    Border Collies

    Best breed, hands down.

    • Helena

      True, if you have room for them, and if you have some kind of work for them to do. They can be too bright and energetic for their own good. Definitely NOT an apartment dog. 😉

  • Robzombie

    #28 Pedobear makes appointments now?

  • Valentin


    • MrSusan20

      give him some credit. he's clearly just turning his camera on.

      • DDD

        Just because she is motorboating doesnt make her gay… Just awesome..

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_


      – the one you love to date

      • turtles suck


    • cameron

      ya man those girls are really going at it too. [serious face]

  • FarmBoy

    #5 More of her please.

    • Kyle

      Meh, you see you seal, you seen em all… amiright?

    • login

      If you have HBO she is one of the actresses from the show Girls.

  • lat297

    British soldier in Afghanistan. I believe that's John Simpson from the BBC in the background.

    It must be terrifying out there with green-on-blue attacks – I'm not sure I'd be able to KCCO under the same circumstances…

    • jordan

      Well spotted on Simpson Lat297

  • MonkeyMadness

    #36 Ok, I'm not a tattoo kind of guy, but this is bad ass! This would be the tattoo I would get! lol

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