GAME ON!!! (35 Photos)

  • dutch

    game over

  • MDSerles

    #1 Reminds me of Remi Gaillard! Hilarious!

  • 29er

    #10 Man's best friend. What would a cat do? Sit on your face. Fact: This is not the kind of pussy you want on your face while playing video games.

  • memeGuy

    #17 The mark of someone committed to his virginity!

    • Stick

      Right, it's not like Halo has been one of the most popular games across the board for years now or anything.

      • Firefighter5810

        Sounds like somebody else has a Halo tattoo!!

        • Corey Kohler

          I know a guy with a Halo tat. The difference between his girlfriend and mine? His exists. Leading me to the conclusion that I will certainly die alone.

  • TN Chiver

    #10 this is hilarious
    #18 why is this not on a chivette??

  • Nat3dawg

    #30 Sexy!!

    • VaderWRX

      Find her!

      • Nat3dawg

        Someone please do so

    • Pez

      Her name is Jenn Croft

      • Nat3dawg

        Youre my hero. Didn't know who she was lol

      • ChaseTheWalker

        Lara's hotter sister?

  • Carl

    #30 I would like to game all over her

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    Ummm yeah

    • Dr.Schmee

      where is this from?

      • Cracka_ass_cracka

        Not much more… But not complaining

    • Danno

      Gangnam Style!

      • tv_paul

        Gangbang Style.

    • JLW

      I'll be in my bunk

      • Eric

        nice firefly reference

    • someAFguy

      #23 = #30?

  • memeGuy

    #27 Newfag CAN triforce!
    #13 #3 in b4 MOAR!

    • greg

      More, is the correct spelling. MOAR makes you sound like someone with a weak grip of the English language, and like someone who can't talk to women on his own.

      • memeGuy

        You must be new here.

        If you had been here awhile, you would realize that I am in fact making fun of the idiots who do use MOAR. It is assured that in every thread some jackhole will throw pictures of some scantily clad woman with the proverbial "MOAR" comment. This does in fact show how puerile and shallow minded they are. It takes some semblance of intelligence to come up with an insightful and comical response to pictures featured here. Just below the "MOAR"-tards are the Grammar Nazi's that have to pick apart others comments. I realize that correcting others shortcomings does make people feel superior, but let's try generating an original idea with that phenomenal intellect.

        I do want to thank you for your attempt to insult MY intellect, but rest easy that I will lose zero sleep over your reply.

        • greg

          Men seldom deal in reality when contemplating themselves.

        • originalIdeaGuy

          The only problem with your poking fun at the "MOAR" idiots is that they don't understand that you're poking fun at them. They simply think you are one of them. You need to be a bit more obvious in your mockery for them to get it. I realize that making fun of these people makes you feel superior to them whether they know they are being made fun of or not, but let's try to get the point across to them in a manner that their tiny brains (which are obviously much smaller than ours) can fully comprehend.

    • heres moar
  • @RugerHoyt

    #24 I would be going straight for the shotgun, just in case. Creepy

    • @Tim_Coverdale

      Pyramid Head, Silent Hill

    • Knifemare

      Want more pictures like that!

  • Tiber_Septim

    #10 Good Dog!

    • Bill57

      i agree stan he is a good dog and that is good cause dogs are mans best friends and they bark for their best friends cause that is how they talk when they see something. I can't have dogs where i live cause it isn't allowed but if it was allowed i could have a best friend who could bark when it wants to talk to tell me to look out.

  • 29er

    #19 I shed tears of joy when I saw this. If I played this, I could conquer the world.

  • Beantown

    #10 Unless he shot out of your Vajay-jay – All dogs are adopted.

    • mattythegooch

      With your use of the word "Vajay-jay", I'm going to assume, you were adopted…..

  • @Richteriano

    #30 Speechless

  • DemonIAm

    those boobies need Liberation

    • asdf

      Jessica Cambensy

  • HappyJack

    #5 Pinkman over Jaxx Teller? Pinkman is definitely *not* a badass. Anyone who thinks so needs to go back and watch the show. Calling people bitch and crying when you gotta kill someone does not make you a badass.

    • GatOner

      And frankly I think Grimes is a pussy too… Swanson for President!

    • smith

      Nvm that. Walking dead Daryl not picked, yet Dwight from the office on the list?

      • socalmarti

        Rick or Lannister for the win!

    • JLW

      The first pick should be Omar every time!

      • lolwut

        nope.. Bauer has the highest body count of them all.. and too bad they dont have Snake Doctor from the Unit..

    • Eric

      Jack Bauer

    • powpow

      Ron Swanson > everyone

  • B-to-the-H

    #16 – I had no idea Elastigirl was in the WWE.

    • Guest

      She isn't. That's just a glitch.

    • Byron_Black

      It's just like being to a real wrestling event!

  • xjrich

    not gonna lie #11 is pretty fuckin sweet

  • Jcore3



  • DemonIAm

    Doesn't freak me out half as bad as Robbie the rabbit did.

  • @Bathoris

    #24 I would shit my pants

  • GatOner

    #23 Do want.

    • Joe
  • chron247

    #11 That's a pretty impressive haircut. We've come a long way from lightning bolts back in the 80's.

  • MeowMix

    #28 False the Zelda series is not for the Xbox. Only Nintendo.

    • MeowMix


    • LaFever310

      I've never seen such blasphemy!

  • Average John

    #5 Yes please! Someone get Midway on the phone!

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