• Tommy

    Thank you chive that made my morning

  • Mhy

    I like Peter griffin hippo better

  • Funny Guy

    HAHAHA… It's like my wiener when I get out of the shower…..

  • TheJoeGreene

    That's fucking pathetic. Alec has lowered himself to Mac level retardation.

  • chron247

    That was awesome. I couldn't stop laughing even after the video was done.

  • GentKCCO

    Same guy as this one:

    Seriously, that one is even more difficult to not laugh, and if possible even more stupid when looked at objectively.

    • GentKCCO

      Same guy as this one, should have a question mark behind it. As in, it was question, not a statement.

  • Dick Clark

    I am still laughing even after I scrolled down. It is soo ridiculous… Thank you for that. I honestly don't know how you couldn't laugh

  • theKid

    i thought cows said mooo. mind blown.

  • Edward Scott

    I love this stuff!!!! I an't stop laughing!!

  • BobbyCapeBreton

    That made me laugh so suddenly and so hard that a fart escaped me…

  • MichaelBoom

    Not even gonna lie I laughed… It made my day… Sound was from Bruce Almighty

  • Neps1982


  • Comic Belief


  • Mike

    yes, video is stupid, and no, I didn't laugh.

  • Anonymous

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