• MonkeyMadness

    I'd like to know the percentage of how many refusals he got. I bet she got kissed way more than he did.

    • Qwerty

      The funny thing is that it's at BYU so half of the people they talked to were probably married. That may have been awkward.

  • Anonymous


  • iGaucho

    Sure beats the free hug day they sometimes have on campus!

  • Piero

    Ultimate Christmas wingman!

  • Canucks_Rule

    that slap was awesome.

  • whoodoo22

    they should see how this goes with two unattractive people

  • MerryChristmass!


  • http://twitter.com/_bradhall @_bradhall

    At my alma mater! Awesome. At at those tables often.

  • Dan

    The guys were more hesitant because they are far more likely to get that slap to the face, and possibly arrested

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