You missed it, didn’t you? (38 Photos)

  • Dissonant

    #1 Rabbit Head? #26 somewhat disembodied head and/or the racket in the crotch?

    Not really sure about those 2

    • Chris

      I think thats a quiddiche ball in the lower right corner

      • AndWhyNotPostHere?

        Yes to all the above…

  • memeGuy

    #25 is a shirt for Mac. Or Paula_ since she is always talking about eating pussy.

  • terry

    fukin joke calvin u prick i cant write shit? fukin crap tunes wtf u r a twattin lier

    • Fish

      And you're Mentally Retarded.

      • Not-A-Meme Man

        That's what she said?

  • @ofwiv

    #16 and #38 are legit!

  • Bill lebowski

    These are allllll dumb

  • @305Colombianito

    #23 Don't get it.

    • dale


      • What UFO?

        What UFO?

  • Milk man

    #32 brazzers?

    • Firefighter58

      HAHAHA Good Call

  • jasonreiss

    #35 earned my monitor a new coat of water.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #7 These brothers and sisters are a little too close for my taste. 😛

  • bunedoggle

    #15 Favorite.

  • iamboat

    I don't understand #1 or #26 still after reading all these comments. I see a little tiny face on 1 and sort of a rabbit? Is 26 really just the old guy's head? Pretty weak unless I'm really not seeing it.

    • "Hear"! Get It?!!!!!

      Nothing to see or hear, folks. Move right along…

    • rick

      Tree looks like a Jackelope.

  • Bcw

    No idea about number one– except it is short off mountain in western North Carolina; awesome place right near lake James

  • babaganush

    Just got mind fukt

  • John Robert

    Here's my pussy!

    • NotaNaturalBlonde?

      I thought it was a desk and chair commercial…

  • red4

    #1 is a rabbit? Seems forced because of how obvious it is. I kept trying to find something else in that picture.
    #29, people are saying it looks like her legs are open because of the color of the car's interior. I can see that if I try really hard, but I don't buy it. I'm leaning more toward the model being a transvestite.

    • Out Of Her Shoulder?

      Here's a hint: She pointing at her other shoulder…

  • Brian Wanueka

    Made my day!!

  • binare

    #29 Is it a lady? Is it a boy? No! Its a Ladyboy!

    • Butt I Repeat Myself

      …with a strange growth coming out of its shoulder…

  • Canucks_Rule

    #10 – great costume!!

  • MC Chiver
  • Jesse

    #25 Tacocat spelled backwards is Tacocat

    • Step On No Pets

      First! … just kidding. So, cat tacos?

  • goldengekko1

    #31 ohhhh his shorts are black and white it just look like the person he is hugging has the white shorts on and it looks all trippy kind of obvious once you notice it lol 😀

    • Luddite Grammar PoPo

      Run-on sentence much?

  • Dr. Evil

    Damn! That is one hot tranny!

  • Whodat

    #17 someone explain! i don't seeee it

  • Morgan

    i dont get #1

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