Life is Awesome (32 HQ Photos)

  • hara

    LIfe is awesome. But for this stuff, there's mastercard.

  • Pat Bendel

    This post seriously was one of the most awesome that I have seen all week! Damn impressive! You definitely should make this a weekly post!! Phenomenal photos I must say! Keep em' coming and KCCO!

  • Matticus

    #23 Nemo when that way!

  • Alex


  • K-1

    #7: Great capture

  • AvsFanTRD


  • Grant

    This post needs a soundtrack.

  • ARealSkier

    #24 . . . Background level : Neat Skier level: awful.

    • Guest

      Looks like Gunsight Butte at Lake Powell

  • Yowza

    It's now painfully apparent that I am one lazy, boring SOB. Is #5 falling by the way? oops.

  • Dan Beesley

    I don't know who #15 is but he deserves a high five.

  • john m

    #8 from the looks of it doesn't end as planned

  • Canucks_Rule

    #3 #18 #33 – beautiful.

  • Remmy

    Really wanna skydive #20

  • Bill Whittle

    #33 Pretty sure these are the sand dunes at Oceano / Pismo Beach. The most amazing ATV terrain is right behind you in this picture.

  • nick

    #15 is that joe swanson?

  • Fent

    #5… Im kinda super impressed that the guy our of the frame made it up there in flip flops to take the photo… he's the real hero here

  • Tomas

    One of the coolest posts ever.

  • LBF 4 ever


  • kris

    #19 does anyone else think that the rock looks like Sid from Ice Age

  • nerf

    #29 was kinda close to getting brained by the look of things. that would have made for a nice pic!

  • Your mother

    Like the rock from the lion king for #28

  • cougarfan75

    #15 … I now have no more excuses for being lazy.

  • Emile

    Cape Town you beauty!! Love this city!

  • Anshin

    This makes me feel like I'm not doing shit with my life.
    Like I should accomplish something like standing on a cliff or free fall.

  • L3zz

    #1 is the house of the bulgarian communist party, built in 1891

    • Nacional

      Yeah right! What communists in 1890's?

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